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If your next trips include a United Polaris business class segment, you might want to pack your treat.

That’s because the Chicago-based carrier is updating its popular ice cream sundae service with a new, limited-time treat: the so-called “United Polaris x Tillamook Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Sundae.”

This new sundae option is available through July 31 as part of the dessert service for travelers flying United Polaris business class on long-haul international flights.

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United says this sundae is inspired by the popularity of strawberries this season, with people enjoying them in matcha lattes and using them as inspiration for their makeup.

As part of the tie-up, United is giving its flight attendants specific instructions on how to make the perfect strawberry sundae. This includes:

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  • A scoop of Tillamook strawberry ice cream
  • Diced shortcake
  • Strawberry marmelade
  • Crumbled biscuit
  • Whipped cream, fresh

Since the sundaes are created for you, you can request as much or as little of each topping as you like. Note that United’s other plated desserts, as well as the signature fruit and cheese plate, will remain available as alternative options for an after-dinner treat.

Serving ice cream sundaes at the end of a business class meal has become something of a tradition among American airlines. For years, American has partnered with Haagen Dazs to create delicious sundaes in the sky. Note that American does not offer an ice cream cart; rather, the crew creates the concoction in the kitchen according to your order.

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Delta also offers ice cream in the business class cabin on long-haul flights; however, the airline frequently changes the selection and traditional sundaes are not always available.

United also serves ice cream in the Premium Plus cabin on long-haul flights, but does not offer its signature ice cream sundae service there.

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