The scoop on Dyson’s upcoming WashG1 wet floor cleaner

Key takeaways

  • The Dyson WashG1 is a unique tool that will aim to solve the problems of traditional cleaning using advanced technology.
  • Dyson engineers spent a lot of time designing the WashG1 to effectively handle various types of wet and dry debris found on hard floors.
  • The WashG1 will be available in stores this fall for $700.

Trying to keep your home clean can seem like a never-ending task. It’s doubly difficult if you have pets, children, or both. Whether you’re dusting, wiping your counters, or cleaning your lawn, there are many tasks that need to be done daily or weekly. Mopping your floors may not be at the top of your list because cleaning is a less regular task.

People tend to mop only if something spills on their floor. Vacuuming is the primary way to clean debris and dust from your floors, from hard floors to carpets. There are many devices that can be used for this purpose, from upright and cordless vacuum cleaners to robot vacuums. But if you want to clean your floor, you’ll usually have to vacuum first, making it a chore that requires double the number of devices. Dyson sought to solve this problem.


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Dyson is one of the most well-known companies in the cleaning and home industry, with products including vacuum cleaners, headphones, air purifiers, fans and lighting. The WashG1 is a first for the company, as it is a hard floor cleaner that does not require vacuuming. Most electric mops spray water onto the floor and then vacuum it up again, but this latest technology isn’t like that. Here’s why Dyson decided to create this new home device.

Dyson engineers solve problems others ignore

There was a gap in the market

dyson washg1 goes under a table


The Dyson WashG1 was revealed a few weeks ago and is Dyson’s answer to people who needed to mop and vacuum their floors more easily. In an interview with Pocket-Lint, Ketan Patel, senior design manager at Dyson, told us that the company saw a problem in the mop market and was looking to solve it.

Dyson engineers solve problems that others ignore, and we succeed in the challenge of creating better technology. Most wet floor cleaning options on the market today fail in terms of stain removal, pickup performance, and floor finishing. We sought to design a machine that addressed these concerns, while keeping in mind ease of maintenance, maneuverability and an optimal floor finish,” said Patel. “The Dyson WashG1 wet floor cleaner is our first machine dedicated to the correct washing of hard floors.”

What sets the Dyson WashG1 apart from other mops is that it features rollers of highly absorbent microfiber filaments that spin in reverse on spills, debris and more as a pulse-modulated pump dispenses water evenly on different points. So it won’t splash water while you’re power cleaning. It will constantly deposit water as it passes over an area, causing it to be absorbed by the rollers for a gentle clean. If there is a particularly difficult area to clean, there is a boost mode that will allow it to send the maximum amount of moisture to each roller to help the user get rid of the stubborn stain. There are two rollers in the front and two in the back of the machine, allowing the machine to spend more time trying to clean stains.

Why was hydration control important to Dyson? Because it is a constant problem for owners. “To effectively address common household floor cleaning frustrations, such as stubborn stains, a certain amount of water is necessary to effectively dilute and absorb debris from hard floors,” Patel said. “We know that customization is essential for our homeowners, which is why we knew we wanted to design a wet floor cleaning machine that would allow homeowners to select the level of hydration required based on the type of debris, flooring of soil or their personal preferences.”


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Building the WashG1

Find balance

dyson wash g1 in use


The electric mop stands upright and features a handle design similar to many Dyson standing vacuums. It’s also battery powered, like many Dyson vacuums. The WashG1 has a 27-ounce clean water tank that covers 3,1000 square feet at a time. It is designed for homes with large amounts of hard flooring, including tile, parquet, and hardwood. Each microfiber roll contains 64,800 filaments per cm².

Dyson did extensive research when designing the WashG1 on wet debris and engineers developed categories for wet and dry debris. The researchers classified them into 13 groups divided into four categories: dried debris, dust and dry debris, mixture of solid debris and liquids and homogeneous liquids. Then the company worked backwards to create a machine that could handle them all.

Since the WashG1 uses “a combination of hydration, agitation and separation technologies” rather than suction, it had to be fully tested to get it right.

Through simulations and prototypes, Dyson is able to test new ideas and development processes. More than 500 prototypes were built during the development of the WashG1, and engineers used their findings to ultimately design the version that will hit the market. Since the WashG1 uses “a combination of hydration, agitation and separation technologies” rather than suction, it had to be fully tested to get it right.

“One of the biggest challenges was finding a way to achieve a balance between roller speed, hydration rate and pickup performance,” Patel said. “One of the biggest challenges was finding a way to achieve a balance between roller speed, hydration rate and collection performance. This required trying numerous roller materials and densities in a multitude of pickup tests. to vary hydration levels for different cleaning tasks. The result of these exhaustive tests is an easy-to-operate machine that cleans hard floors well.

When will WashG1 be ready?

Get ready this fall

Dyson WashG1 standing, front and side view.

Dyson / Pocket soft toys

After an extensive testing process, the Dyson WashG1 will hit the market this fall for $700. It will be available in stores in several global markets this year.

Consumers who want to test it now – or before its release – can visit a local Dyson demo store near them. As for how much progress Dyson is set to make after entering the world of vacuum-free mops, Patel was keeping it close to the vest.

“At Dyson, we like to keep our secrets under wraps,” he said. “As a global technology company, we operate in more than 85 countries, offering a range of advanced technologies that meet the cleaning needs of our homeowners. Dyson engineers and scientists are working hard on a pipeline of future technologies.”


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