Samsung to bring new AI health tracking features to Galaxy Watch

Samsung will add new AI-powered health and fitness features to the Galaxy Watch later this year. The company announced AI features on the device on Wednesday, including personalized health scores, advice, sleep indicators and suggested workout routines.

One of the Galaxy Watch’s key AI improvements is a new Energy Score, which learns from various personal measurements to provide “comprehensive health insights.” The model draws on various sleep data, including when the user went to bed, the duration and quality of their sleep, and heart rate and variability during sleep. Physical activity during waking hours is also taken into account.

Along the same lines, the Galaxy Watch will also add Wellness Tips, which takes data analysis a step further with “insights, motivational tips and advice” related to your personal health goals. fitness.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch placed on a blanket.  Its screen says

Malak Saleh for Engadget

Sleep features also get AI-enhanced upgrades, providing additional insight into your nighttime habits. New sleep algorithms can analyze sleep movements, latency, heart rate and respiratory rate. They will join existing tracking features such as snoring times, blood oxygen level and sleep cycle.

For hardcore runners, the Galaxy Watch gets new Aerobic Threshold (AT) and Anaerobic Threshold (AnT) heart rate zone measurements to help you stay within your optimal training windows. High-intensity cyclists also get some love with Functional Threshold Power (FTP) measurements. Samsung claims that calculating the latter will only take 10 minutes of constant cycling (at 4 km/h or faster).

A new workout routine feature will let you chain different types of exercises together for a personalized program, allowing you to move from one to the next without stopping. Meanwhile, a new Race feature will ask you to try and beat your previous times on a set route.

Samsung said the Galaxy Watch may not be the only device to get new AI-based health features. “The introduction of Galaxy AI in Galaxy Watch is just the beginning of this process and we are excited to introduce even more integrations to our Galaxy portfolio very soon,” the company said. Samsung could officially launch its Galaxy Ring wearable (initially announced in January without details) at its next Unpacked event in July. The Oura-like device will track sleep based on heart rate, movement and breathing, offering personalized guidance.

The new Galaxy Watch features will arrive in the One UI 6 Watch update later this year. Samsung says “a limited number” of watch owners will be able to try them out in a beta program starting in June.