Jhansi man fined for not wearing helmet while driving Audi | Lucknow News

JHANSI: In a weird blunder by the traffic police, a Jhansi the man was slapped with a GOOD of Rs 1,000 for not wearing helmet while driving Audi car.
Bahadur Singh Parihar, president of a truckers’ union in Jhansi, received the fine on his mobile phone. While the photo in the Challan if it is a two-wheeler, the vehicle category is mentioned as “automobile”.
When Parihar visited the RTO Office and informed officials of the error, he was told to wait until the Lok Sabha elections were over.

Instead of contesting the challan, Parihar chose to wear a helmet while driving the car lest RTO give him another challan.
“It is surprising how police officers commit such acts despite claims that they have technical surveillance systems. I will continue to wear the helmet until the problem is resolved, otherwise I may get another challan,” Parihar said.
Jhansi traffic inspector Umakant Ojha said, “It appears to be a clerical error as the photo in the challan is of a man riding a bike without a helmet but the vehicle number was mentioned in wrong.”
Meanwhile, Parihar has become a center of attraction on the roads for driving his luxury car while wearing a helmet.