Delta is changing the way you earn SkyMiles on Starbucks purchases

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For Starbucks and Delta loyalty members, the easiest way to earn SkyMiles won’t be so simple anymore.

The Atlanta-based carrier announced Wednesday that it is changing the way SkyMiles members will earn miles through Starbucks purchases — but that’s not necessarily bad news.

Starting June 12, eligible travelers will only receive SkyMiles on reloads of $25 or more to their Starbucks account. As part of these changes, Delta and Starbucks are encouraging larger refills. Travelers who purchase $100 refills will receive two miles per dollar spent – ​​a nice bonus for those who drink a lot of Starbucks.

Earning rates for top-ups are as follows:

Starbucks top-up amount$25 to $49.99$50 to $74.99$75 to $99.99$100
Miles Sky25 miles75 miles125 miles200 miles

A Delta spokesperson noted that “the majority of members with linked accounts already reload funds into their Starbucks accounts, so the program updates make it easy for members to earn miles based on how they order and enjoy their Starbucks favorites. »

Since the Delta and Starbucks partnership was announced in October 2022, SkyMiles members have received one mile for every dollar spent at Starbucks.

Although Delta is changing how members earn SkyMiles on eligible daily Starbucks purchases, members will still be able to earn double stars on Starbucks purchases made the same day as their Delta travel.

Note that eligible purchases are defined as food, drink or merchandise purchases at participating Starbucks stores, which you can find using the chain’s store locator. Alcoholic beverages and purchases of Starbucks gift cards do not earn bonus stars under the partnership.

If you haven’t linked your accounts yet, visit or to get started.


Delta will continue to offer top-tier Platinum and Diamond Medallion members the ability to select bonus stars as part of Choice Benefits options. In 2024, travelers will be able to select 4,000 stars, which will increase to 6,000 stars in 2025.

Although TPG publishes point ratings for most major airline, hotel and credit card loyalty currencies monthly, we do not have an official rating for Starbucks Stars.

That said, star redemption rates vary depending on the item you wish to purchase. You need 100 stars to get a free hot coffee, baked good or hot tea.

Depending on your daily coffee consumption and trading habits, you will likely value stars differently. So be sure to do some math before redeeming a Choice perk for Starbucks Stars.

In addition to these changes, Delta promises that there will be even more earning opportunities to come, starting with a new limited-time offer next week.

Although we keep our eyes open, the changes Delta is making are not necessarily negative. Travelers will only need to use the reload feature to earn SkyMiles in the future. If you’re a big spender at Starbucks, you might even earn SkyMiles twice as fast as before — it’s just a shame that the sky-high redemption rates for Delta One pods are still out of reach.

Remember, in addition to earning SkyMiles and Starbucks Stars on your coffee purchases, you’ll also continue to earn bonus points on your dining purchases using any of our recommended dining and travel credit cards. restaurants.

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