4 reasons to choose the JBL Flip 6 over the JBL Charge 5

Key takeaways

  • JBL Flip 6 packs a portable punch with a lightweight form factor and crisp, clear sound quality for any occasion.
  • With up to 12 hours of battery life, the Flip 6 rivals the larger Charge 5 in sound quality and easy carry options.
  • PartyBoost mode lets you connect multiple JBL speakers for stereo sound, making the Flip 6 a perfect choice on the go.

With warmer summer temperatures approaching, all eyes are on the best portable devices for your next outdoor party, picnic, or beach day. While there’s a lot to be said for a speaker with smart features, JBL’s sixth-generation Flip speaker delivers some of the best portable sound on the market.


A year later, the JBL Flip 6 still packs the perfect portable punch

The JBL Flip 6 puts more thought into sound rather than leaning towards smarter features, and is an ideal everyday speaker.

With its first Flip iteration debuting a decade ago, the Flip 6 continues JBL’s powerful sonic legacy, promising a sleek, easy-to-carry design and beautiful, bassy sound. But the “Flip” range is not the only promising speaker in JBL’s portable line. In fact, the Charge 5 – although slightly larger – also offers impressive portable audio and is ready for tough adventures.


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So if you’re looking for Bluetooth tunes on the go, here’s where you can choose to join JBL’s Flip side.

1 The JBL Flip 6 makes sound easy on the go

A portable punch

A person holding the JBL Flip 6 in black

Weighing just 550g, the Flip 6 is a lightweight speaker option that doesn’t lose its usefulness despite its size. The speaker fits easily into a bag or backpack and even comes with a carrying cord that makes it easy to grab when you’re heading to a tailgating event or roadside party. swimming pool – yes, the Flip 6 is indeed waterproof.

When we tested the speaker, Pocket-lint A/V editor Christina Darby noted how easy it was to listen anywhere:

I take advantage of the portability of the speaker and use it as my entertainment constant. It serves as my focus accompaniment, pre-game party starter, and makeshift prep karaoke machine.

For comparison, the JBL Charge 5 is significantly larger, weighing almost twice as much at 960g. Sure, you might not exactly call the Charge 5 “heavy,” so to speak, but you won’t hesitate to throw the Flip 6 in your bag when you leave the house. While the JBL Charge 5 can weigh you down after a while, especially if you’re moving around on foot.

You might not call the Charge 5 “heavy,” so to speak, but you won’t hesitate to throw the Flip 6 in your bag when you leave the house.

Plus, unlike the larger Charge 5, the Flip 6 comes with a simple-to-use detachable carrying strap, which can fit comfortably around your wrist for added security while hiking, wrapping around a tote or beach bag, or even hang from a sturdy tree. bifurcate.



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It’s affordable, dustproof and waterproof, and loud: what’s not to love?

2 Small but powerful form factor

The Flip 6 doesn’t compromise size for sound quality

A person holding a pink JBL Flip 6

Now in its sixth generation, the latest JBL Flip has improved sound quality. With the same 20 watts of amplification as previous models, the Flip 6 also has a separate tweeter designed to improve audio quality. Using its own 10-watt amplifier, the Flip 6 delivers 30 watts of total RMS power.

Simply put, this means that from your smooth morning acoustics and smooth afternoon jazz to your heart-stopping party beats, the JBL Flip 6 consistently delivers crisp, clear sound.

The Charge 5 can last up to 20 hours, but it takes up to seven hours to fill the battery. So, considering the smaller size of the Flip 6, its battery is also commendable.

However, even with bold acoustics, the Flip 6’s battery lasts around 12 hours. The Charge 5 can last up to 20 hours, but it takes up to seven hours to fill the battery. So, considering the smaller size of the Flip 6, its battery is also commendable.


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You have to remember that the smaller the speaker, the smaller the physical battery. If a 12-hour charge seems too risky, toss your charger with the Flip 6 when you head out for your next music outing.

3 Party mode to connect all your JBL speakers at once

Two are better than one

JBL Flip 6

The JBL Portable app works for both the Charge 5 and Flip 6, giving you quick access to adjust your speaker’s bass, treble, and feedback tone. Better yet, the app also gives you access to PartyBoost mode. If you have access to multiple JBL compatible speakers, use the app to connect them all into one stereo system. All connected speakers will play the same song in sync, so make sure every room at your next party is equipped with a dance floor.


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When it comes to the JBL Flip 6, PartyBoost can rule out any concerns you might have about a smaller size resulting in less sound. Whether you own multiple JBL products or ask your friends to jump on the Flip 6 bandwagon, the quality of your music won’t suffer.

4 Robust yet simple design

Your music won’t get lost among unnecessary features

JBL Flip 6

No one wants to buy a brand new speaker only to find themselves frustrated by a nonsensical instruction manual (we’ve all been there, tearing our hair out). The Flip 6’s build and design means you’ll be on your way to singing your heart out before you even have to open the instructions. This waterproof speaker is solidly built and wrapped in tight fabric that comes in a wide range of colors from pastel pink to bright red.



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The speaker controls are also rubberized, with clearly marked symbols for turning the volume up or down or skipping that song you never wanted to leave on the playlist. And even though the USB-C charging port doesn’t have a rubber flap (who likes them anyway), the port is still dust and water resistant. You can even take your JBL Flip 6 underwater for 30 minutes – I’m looking at you, music-loving divers.

Our conclusion: The JBL Flip 6 stands out for its portability, music quality and simple design. Why weigh yourself down when you could throw the Flip 6 in your bag or pocket? Let this speaker blast your favorite tunes no matter where you go next.