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Key takeaways

  • Apple Intelligence features in iOS 18 will likely have a limited preview and a waitlist.

  • The iOS 18 public beta could launch in July, but might not include Apple Intelligence, which could be saved for the official release in September.

  • Installing public beta or development versions of iOS 18 can get you higher on the Apple Intelligence waitlist, but it comes with risks like app compatibility issues.

If you watched the WWDC 24 keynote and own an iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max, you’re probably eager to try Apple Intelligence. Although the developer beta of iOS 18 is already available to install, it does not include any of the Apple Intelligence features that Apple says are “coming to beta this fall.”


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However, when the beta version arrives, you may not be able to access it immediately. You might still have to wait a bit before you can try Apple’s new AI features in iOS 18. Here’s why.

iOS 18 Code Hints at an Apple Intelligence Waitlist

Apple Intelligence could launch for the first time in a limited preview

Apple Intelligence


As first reported by MacRumors, code for the current iOS 18 developer beta contains references to a waitlist for Apple Intelligence features, which are codenamed Graymatter. The code includes strings such as “Join the Graymatter Waitlist” indicating that when the Apple Intelligence beta launches, there will be an option to join the waitlist to use it.

The code also includes the following text:

Although Graymatter is in limited preview, you may experience an unusually slow response when you are not in a supported region.

It’s not entirely clear whether “limited preview” refers to a limit on the number of people who can use the features, or whether it means that the initial Apple Intelligence beta release will not include the full set of features.

When will the Apple Intelligence beta be available?

Maybe in July, but probably much later

iOS 17.5 beta

While developer betas for new versions of iOS are typically released on the same day as the WWDC keynote, public betas are only released closer to the system’s official launch. exploitation. Last year, the public beta of iOS 17 was first made available on July 12, and the official version of iOS 17 was launched on September 18.

Assuming things follow a similar pattern, we could see a public beta of iOS 18 launching in July. However, with Apple indicating that the Apple Intelligence beta will arrive “this fall,” it is likely that, just like the current developer beta, the initial public beta will not include any Apple Intelligence features.

It could even be that Apple Intelligence features will only be released with the official release of iOS 18 in September and that a waitlist will then be used to limit the number of people with access to this beta version for that the bugs are resolved.

Will installing the developer or public betas move me higher on the waitlist?

It’s impossible to say and installing beta versions carries risks


Apple (screenshot)

If there is a waitlist to use Apple Intelligence when iOS 18 officially launches in September, then it’s possible that when installing a developer or public beta you’ll see the option to “Join the waiting list” ‘wait Graymatter’ earlier than most other people. This may mean you are higher on the waitlist and have access to features sooner.


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This is not definitely the case, however, and installing beta versions of iOS carries significant risks. In the worst case scenario, a buggy beta could completely destroy your iPhone. Even when they mostly work perfectly, you may find that some apps on your iPhone aren’t supported in the beta. For example, last year when I installed the public beta of iOS 17, I was initially unable to use my banking app and my rewards card app for a popular coffee chain, which caused me considerable anxiety.

If you’re not sure about installing a beta, it’s definitely safer to wait for the official launch. If you decide to install a developer or public beta, you do so at your own risk.