Which car has the worst build quality you’ve ever seen?

Are these Tesla robots responsible for the poorest build quality ever?
Photo: Mason Trinca for the Washington Post (Getty Images)

It takes a lot to build a car, it takes have wheels and motors and seats and all kinds of body panels that come together perfectly to create something that is safe for reaches 75 mph on our highways. And even though we’ve been building cars like this for decades now, there are still automakers who haven’t quite mastered the craft yet.

Whether it’s stories of massive lack of panels on Tesla carsthe Italian automobiles that rust into oblivion or Paint so fine you can see the bodywork below, we’ve all heard stories of poor build quality across the board. With that in mind, we want to find out which models you think have the worst build quality. So what do you have?

Maybe you’re the kind of person who can’t let go of the endless problems at Tesla. You may be one of the customers surprised by the soapy accelerator pedals that were stealing from the Cybertruckor you could have a Model X with panel gaps so wide you can park a Model 3 in them.

Alternatively, you might think that Ford’s recent quality control leaves little to be desired. After all, it has received the title of most recalled automaker several times in recent years after its cars were called in for repairs following problems. ranging from loose windshields to defective motors.

Let’s not forget that things have improved in recent years, much better. So your choice for poorest build quality might come in the form of a ’90s Cadillac or, even worse, a ’90s Cadillac. something from British Leyland.

But whichever car you think is the worst offender, we want to know. So head on over to the comments section below with your picks for the cars with the worst build quality you’ve ever seen. We’ll summarize some of the worst in a slideshow next week.