What New Car Is Most Common On Your Local Roads?

Photo: Ford

I didn’t think I had anything against the new Ford Explorer until a few days ago. Three identical Explorers were in my rearview. One in each mirror, it seemed. All three were exactly alike: late model year Explorers with silver paint. I had to do a double take to make sure I wasn’t mistaken. Afterwards, I was primed to see Ford Explorers and it appears they are incredibly common where I live. They’re everywhere. What new car do you most commonly see on local roads?

I figured I zeroed in on the Ford Explorers because I was looking for cops — for no particular reason. But these were silver not the characteristic white, which always makes me wonder just who buys a car in 2023 that’s so hard to tell apart from a police cruiser.

Maybe it’s the Ford Explorer for you, too, or the Toyota Rav4. Maybe it’s a Tesla. Maybe an F-150. I would argue EVs are now a common sight, though they only seem more popular than they really are because they tend to stick out. Whatever the car is, tell us what new models you see most often and why it annoys you. I can’t be the only one who now feels chagrined at the prevalence of the unibody Ford Explorer, the pseudo squad car.