Wedding anniversary gone wrong puts wife and mother on the defensive as Reddit users react

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A woman who shared her story of a 10th wedding anniversary gone wrong received little sympathy from other Reddit users, with one commenter calling the situation “toxic” and most blaming her husband for lack of communication and thoughtfulness.

His post received more than 5,000 reactions in less than 24 hours, as well as a thousand comments about it.

Describing herself as 37 and married to her 38-year-old husband, the woman wrote that the couple’s 10th anniversary was last week. (She did not share her location.)

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“I took a day off [from] work to hopefully spend time with him, but that hasn’t happened,” she said.

“I knew my husband had the day off too, since he had answered a call the day before,” wrote “Illustrious_Goat_143.”

On her 10th wedding anniversary, one woman (not pictured) said she “made [her husband] breakfast. I took it to him in bed and he was still asleep. » She added: “No problem, I just ate it.” » (iStock)

The woman continued: “On our anniversary, when I woke up, I saw my present on my end table. It wasn’t wrapped, but I really liked the present, so I didn’t not disputed.”

She continued: “After dropping our children off” – an 8-year-old boy and a 7-year-old girl – “at the bus stop, I went home and made him breakfast. I took it to him in bed, and he was still asleep. No problem, I just ate it.

“I asked him if he had any plans for the day, and he said, ‘To relax.'”

She then wrote: “My husband woke up around 9, said ‘Happy Birthday’, came downstairs and made himself breakfast.”


The woman said: “I asked him if he had any plans for the day and he said: ‘To relax.’

man snores in his sleep

A husband and father (not pictured) was slammed by his wife for a number of things that went wrong on their 10th wedding anniversary – but Reddit users had issues with the wife’s actions and the lack of communication. (iStock)

She added: “I wanted to maybe go to a restaurant, or see a movie, or at least do something together, just him and me, and he said no. At that point, I was a little discouraged , but I accepted his answer.

She said that about 20 minutes later she simply got dressed “and headed over[ed] outside… I just treated myself to spa, shopping and stuff like that.

Was she wrong “for leaving my husband at home with our kids after he ruined our anniversary”?

The woman said that when she returned home around 6 p.m., her husband “was with our children and as they went to bed, he brought up the fact that I was gone – and asked me why I did it.”

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She shared that she “told him it was because I wasn’t going to do nothing all day because he wanted me to, and he didn’t even care enough to spend time with me, so it wouldn’t be a problem.” I spent some time alone.”

Couple arguing

“He didn’t even care enough to spend time with me,” one woman said on Reddit about her husband (not pictured) on their 10th wedding anniversary — but many commenters on the social networks gave wise advice to the wife and mother. (iStock)

The woman wrote: “He went silent after that, and while we’ve talked about it since, I’m posting here [on Reddit] to see if my past actions looked like a hole or not.

She asked others if she was wrong “for leaving my husband at home with our kids after he ruined our anniversary.”

“Where was his present? Did you give him one?”

In a reaction post that has since received some 11,000 “upvotes”, another Reddit user made a series of direct comments about the woman.

This person wrote that the husband “is a [a–hole] for saying no when you asked him to do something and you’re an AH for many reasons.


The commenter continued: “Where was his present? Did you buy him one?”

Also, “if you made him his breakfast while he was sleeping and then ate it, he made his breakfast, that’s no problem for you.”

Reddit app logo

A Reddit drama involving a couple working out and a missed opportunity to have a good time on their wedding anniversary has attracted a lot of attention online. (iStock)

The same commenter directly told the woman, “You didn’t communicate at all. You left him alone on your birthday. If spending time together was really what you were looking for, you could have done it. You wanted to be spoiled/pampered.”

The commenter ended the review with: “This message appears [as] very “it’s my husband’s job to plan our anniversary and it’s my job to enjoy it.”

“You know that the basis of a good marriage is communication.”

Another person on the platform said: “Your husband was on duty the day before. I guess [in] medicine. Call the shots. The next day, all I want to do is rest.”

This same individual noted: “You didn’t plan anything for him/or with him, but you were waiting for him to pamper you. Then you just left. »


The person added: “It’s toxic.”

Another commenter attempted to educate the poster on some relationship basics.

“You have been married for 10 years. You know that the basis of a good marriage is communication. If your husband wanted to stay home and you wanted to go out, that’s fine – but then you should have told him that You were going outside.”


Another person was more direct than most: “It’s surprising that you’ve reached your 10th birthday since neither of you know how to communicate.”

Fox News Digital reached out to a psychologist to think about the couple’s situation.

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