Watch out for travel delays on these 10 airlines

Watch out for travel delays on these 10 airlines

Picture: Bruce Bennet (Getty Images)

As Memorial Day weekend approaches, travel preparation is key, says Transportation Security Administration ABC7 it plans to screen 10 million travelers between Friday and Monday.

Airlines are said to have solved the problems plaguing travelers in 2022, which sparked waves of cancellations and delaysand 52,000 flight cancellations from June to August last year.

Today, airlines have hired about 30,000 workers and pilots and say they are better prepared for the increase in travellers.

“I don’t have the pride to tell you exactly how the summer is going to go,” Andrew Watterson, chief operating officer at Southwest Airlines, told ABC7. “But we have prepared and we have a solid plan for this.”

Travelers looking to get away for the first big travel weekend of the year should always be prepared for departure delays. According to a Price 4 Limousine report, Allegiant Airlines ranks as the worst airline to fly due to departure delays, with the overall best day to fly the Saturday before Memorial Day, reporting an average of 86% on-time flights.

Travel delays at airports are inevitable, but pay attention to the likelihood of being delayed on these 10 airlines.


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