Was Kelly Clarkson “forced” by “The Voice” to lose weight?

Was Kelly Clarkson “forced” by “The Voice” to lose weight?

Kelly Clarkson was forced by the producers of NBC’s “The Voice” TV show to lose 30 pounds.


In May 2023, an old rumor began to spread in a fraudulent article claiming that singer and talk show host Kelly Clarkson had been “forced” by the producers of NBC’s “The Voice” to lose weight. However, it was a fake story. It was created in order to push a scam intended to trick consumers into signing up for expensive monthly subscription fees for keto diet gummies and apple cider vinegar (ACV).

The scam article appeared on exclusiveinsiderdeals.com. The website’s domain was registered with Namecheap, while its hosting was with Cloudfare.

The story showed the mock headline, “Kelly Clarkson Forced to Lose 30 Pounds by ‘NBC’ Producers…She’s Lost 50! (Her Diabetes Is Finally Under Control).” The page has been deceptively designed by scammers to look like the “Today” show website.

Kelly Clarkson was not forced by NBC or the producers of The Voice to lose 30 pounds, and she never endorsed ACV keto gummies.
This scam article was never published by “Aujourd’hui”.

According to the story, Clarkson consulted Dr. Mehmet Oz from the former “Dr. Oz” talk show, who told him to try starting his supposed weight loss journey with keto and ACV gummies.

None of this was true. Clarkson, Oz, NBC, “The Voice” and “Today” had no involvement in any of this. Names and faces have been used completely without permission.

Over the years, a large number of CBD and keto products have been presented with this same type of fraudulent item. For example, in 2018, we previously published a very similar fact check on Clarkson’s dismissal from “The Voice.” This also led to a dietary supplement scam.

As of May 26, one of the products that carried Clarkson’s name was SlimDNA Keto + ACV Gummies. Dr. Oz’s name and a number of other fraudulent aspects also appeared on a SlimDNA product page on slimdnabrands.com. This domain was registered with Tucows and hosted by Cloudfare.

If any readers have fallen victim to one of these gummy scams, we recommend contacting your credit card company to alert them to the matter. These types of CBD and keto gummies scams often attempt to charge customers hidden subscription fees of hundreds of dollars per month. We recommend that you be proactive and call your credit card company immediately to prevent further charges.


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