The Witcher 3 next-gen update will include some fan-made mods, break a ton of others

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The good news is that The Witcher 3Already a very handsome game, going to look even better when it does The next generation update is out. The bad news is that for anyone playing the game on PC, a lot of your favorite mods from the past seven years won’t make it work more

as CDPR Explain in a blog post, “updating a game means we change different files, so the mods that change the exact files stop working.” And when it comes to making those updates, CDPR will prioritize changes that make the base game better over keeping the same old stuff for mods’ sake.

However, recognizing that it’s been six years since the last major update to the PC version of the game, CDPR say it’s “a long time to get used to its favorite mods,” and so in an effort to make “this transition as smooth as possible” they’ve compiled a list of some of the community’s favorite mods, check them and share which ones work with the next generation update and which ones don’t.

Some work! Unfortunately A lot of them, especially those that rely on scripts, don’t. As CDPR say, “Since we change scripts in an update due to adding a new quest, most script based mods will crash”. For modders concerned about this, a team of “modding experts” from CDPR will be around to “provide help and advice to modders in the forums after publication, when possible.”

Helping alleviate that somewhat, however, is an accompanying announcement that the next-gen update will ship with some fan-made mods baked into it at launch:

Additionally, we include some popular mods in the update (they will be available depending on the platform). We obtained permissions from their creators, refunded them, and they will appear in the credits of the updated game. The mods were reworked and the assets were optimized as needed, and the game was adjusted to run with them. There was even a case where a developer was so engrossed in tinkering when including a mod that he ended up simply recreating that particular aspect of the game. So, in a way, the game comes with some mods already included.

It’s clean! Especially the refund part.


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