Playful and daring with the super sexy Torrid lingerie collection

We hope you’re ready for the many options we’re going to bring to you as we get closer to Valentine’s Day and plus size brands and retailers give us some new plus size lingerie options to play with. The super sexy hot lingerie collection is out, and it definitely caught our eye.

“Super sexy. Bring the heat in sexy strappy sets with mesh panels and major curve appeal.

When it comes to plus size lingerie, what are you looking for? Something daring? Strappy? Sweet? Wise? Comfortable? Well, as we finally have brands that listen to our demands, we have some fun options, especially with this Torrid Super Sexy Lingerie collection.

How do you feel about wearing and owning plus size sexy lingerie?

“It can be an act of self-care and a confession, that we’re turned on by ourselves, that we allow ourselves to feel sexy or even sexier in nice bras and panties.”

The power of sexy lingerie by Octavia Morrison

Whether you’re dressing for yourself (yes, you should) or for your boo thang, experimenting with plus size lingerie is a declarative act of self-love. Let’s get one thing straight, wearing plus size lingerie has nothing to do with your relationship status.


With this super hot sexy lingerie collection, you have the chance to find something playful that makes you to feel sexy, confident and lively. Tabria Majors modeling these pieces doesn’t stop us from imagining ourselves in these pieces either.

And as plus size retailers pay attention to what we want versus what they *think* we want, the more they explore with what they offer, the more we benefit and have the chance to fully explore ourselves. In all our beauty and fullness.



You can shop the super sexy Torrid lingerie collection at Torrid.com

The collection is available up to size 6X, which is size 30, and bra sizes up to band 50. What do you think of Torrid’s gaming options? Can you ever imagine yourself in a piece or two?

In terms of plus size lingerie, what does your collection look like? Do you have a collection? We’ll be featuring more plus size lingerie pieces for play, this Valentine’s Day and beyond, allowing you space for self-exploration and fun.

In the meantime, which pieces from the Torrid Super Sexy Collection are your favorites?


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