TTRPG and more by global designers

TTRPG and more by global designers

here, there, be monsters! is a rule-light response to monster-hunting media from a monster perspective. It’s both a love letter and a middle finger for things like Hellboy (and the BPRD), the SCP FoundationTHE men in blackTHE world of darkness games, and the Urban Fantasy genre in general. It is an explicitly queer, anti-fascist and anti-capitalist game about the monstrous and the strange, in any flavor you want, not as something to fear, but to cherish and protect.

“Play as a diverse crew of monstrous, anomalous, or simply strange beings, battling against those who would to use, abuse or even annihilate You. Create and populate your own supernatural underworld, freak gang, and extra-dimensional haven. Hunt the Monster Hunters! Punch the Nazi occultists! Eat the rich! Protect each other! To defend oneself! Here there are monsters!”


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