‘Rats as big as cats’ are terrorizing this British town

Monster rats are 20 inches long from head to tail. (Representative image)

Alarmingly large rats, allegedly ‘as big as cats’, are invading a seaside community in Wales, the BBC has reported. Residents of Castle Beach in Tenby said the problem had worsened in recent months. A video of the large rodents, which locals have dubbed “super rats”, shows them scurrying onto the beach as the waves crash against the rocks.

According to the New York Post, this particular breed of vermin is resistant to over-the-counter poisons and has teeth so strong they can chew through concrete. Residents “live in terror”, according to reports.

Monster rats are 20 inches long from head to tail. Pembrokeshire Council urged people not to feed the birds or drop food, and said specialist staff were examining the cliffs where the rats are believed to be nesting, according to a BBC report.

Local boatman Roger Miles told the BBC the pest problem has been a real concern in recent weeks. “Early evening, dusk, early morning, rats everywhere really,” he said.

“Rats as big as cats sometimes are really big rats,” he added.

Locals claimed the rodents were larger than normal.

The boatman urged the council to get rid of the rodents, saying: ‘It’s been going on for a long time, it’s been left alone and something needs to be done about it.’

A resident named Derek Brown said: ‘It’s the structural damage they might do to the cliff that’s the big worry.

Another resident by the name of Michael Lindsay told the outlet: “We probably see a rat running at least once a week on the roads.”


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