Daily Covid cases top 1,000 after 130 days; 19 deaths in 7 days, compared to 6 last week | News from India – Times of India

A week after hitting the 500 mark, India’s daily Covid-19 cases crossed the 1,000 mark on Saturday for the first time in 130 days, as the number of cases, which has been rising steadily for five weeks, has increased more sharply over the past seven days. . While western and southern India accounted for most of the new cases, infections have also started to rise in the north.
India reported 1,071 new cases on Saturday, the first time since Nov. 9 last year that the daily tally topped 1,000. Nearly 5,000 new cases were recorded in the past seven days (4,929 from March 12-18), up 85% from the previous seven-day total of 2,671. The country reported 19 Covid deaths during this period, up from six in the previous period.
Increase in cases among the most marked in Gujarat
The seven-day average of daily Covid cases in India has doubled in the past eight days, from 353 on March 10 to 704 on March 18, according to TOI’s Covid database. Last week, the doubling rate was close to 11 days, indicating that infections have spread faster in the current week.

On Sunday, the number of active cases in the country had passed 6,000, up from 3,778 last Sunday. The test positivity rate (TPR) – the percentage of positive test samples – was still low for the whole country, indicating that cases are not yet increasing in many parts of India. The daily TRP crossed 1% on Saturday, although the seven-day average is around 0.8% but is gradually rising.
Over the past seven days, Maharashtra has displaced Karnataka as the state with the highest number of new cases. Maharashtra reported 1,165 new infections during the period (March 12-18), a 2.3-fold increase from the previous seven-day period. Kerala has reported 739 cases, down from 520. The rise appears to be slowing in Karnataka, with the state recording 656 cases, down from 584 in the previous seven days.
The rise in numbers was among the steepest in Gujarat, which reported 660 cases in the seven-day period ending Saturday, a 3.5-fold increase from the previous seven days when the state had recorded 190 cases.
The numbers have also steadily increased in the nation’s capital. Delhi reported 235 new cases during the period, down from 97. A further 72 new cases were added to Delhi’s tally on Sunday. Although the numbers were lower, infections were on the rise in Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Uttarakhand.
There have been 19 deaths reported in the past seven days.


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