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When Tiana’s Bayou Adventure opens this summer, Walt Disney World guests will be able to enjoy a little taste of the Louisiana Bayou right in the middle of Central Florida. The highly anticipated log flume attraction, which will replace Splash Mountain in Magic Kingdom, picks up after the events of Disney’s hit animated film “The Princess and the Frog.”

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The practical aspects of the attraction will remain the same as when the attraction was Splash Mountain themed, from the winding musical journey through a log flume to the 50-foot “splashing” drop.

However, the story gets an upgrade worthy of a Disney princess.

Let’s dig a little deeper into everything you need to know about Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, including how to get on board as soon as it opens…or potentially even sooner.

How to preview Tiana’s Bayou Adventure before its official opening

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. OLGA THOMPSON/DISNEY

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure opens June 28, 2024 in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. Some guests may be able to experience the attraction before it officially opens to the public.

Disney World Annual Passholder Overviews

Disney World Annual Passholders will be able to experience the attraction during Passholder Previews on June 13, 14, 16, 17, 18 and 20.

To experience the attraction, passholders must make a park reservation for the date they wish to visit during the preview period. And unfortunately, availability to reserve a Magic Kingdom park pass with an annual pass went very quickly once this announcement was made, but keep checking availability as it may change. If you want to join the 7 a.m. virtual queue, you must make a park reservation for Magic Kingdom.

However, you can try the 1 p.m. virtual queue with any park pass reservation that day, so start at another park if you can’t get a Magic Kingdom park pass during this period.

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On the day of your visit, you can request to join the attraction’s virtual queue through the My Disney Experience app. You’ll probably need to be very quick with your booking finger, so familiarize yourself with the process in advance. Complete instructions are available on the Walt Disney World Annual Passholder website.


Disney Vacation Club Previews

Disney Vacation Club members will also have the chance to preview Tiana’s Bayou Adventure before it opens to the public. Registration for the event opens May 16 at 10 a.m. for eligible DVC members who have a resort reservation using their membership during the preliminary event dates – June 12 or June 19.

Disney will email an event registration link to DVC members. They can also access the link through the News & Alerts section of the Disney Vacation Club website to sign up. Complete instructions are available on the Disney Vacation Club website.

How to ride Tiana’s Bayou Adventure when it officially opens on June 28

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. OLGA THOMPSON/DISNEY

When Tiana’s Bayou Adventure officially opens on June 28, there will initially be two ways to ride: request to join the free virtual queue or purchase Disney Genie+ and make a Lightning Lane reservation through this paid program. There will be no lines, at least for the first few days the ride is open. You will therefore have to use one of these two methods if you want to be among the first to discover this new attraction.

Virtual Queue

Like other Disney World attractions that use a virtual queue, there will be two daily opportunities to join the virtual queue for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure: one at 7:00 a.m. and one at 1:00 p.m.

You will use the My Disney Experience app to request to join the virtual queue. You’ll want to start the process about 10 minutes before the queue opens, at 7 a.m. or 1 p.m. Some like to use a world clock site to see exactly when you’re approaching 7 a.m., as this virtual queue is likely to fill up within seconds. .

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From the app’s home page, click on the “hamburger menu” (the three stacked lines) in the lower right corner. Click the menu item called “Virtual Queue,” then select “Join Virtual Queue.” From there, click “Confirm Your Group” to ensure everyone in your traveling party is listed correctly. You can do this one hour before the virtual queue opens (i.e. from 6am) on the day you want to ride.

Rendering of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. DISNEY

When there are about 10 seconds left before the virtual queue opens (again, we recommend using the world clock or if you want to be more precise), start refreshing the “Join Virtual Queue” screen until the “Join” button appears. .

From there, just follow the on-screen instructions and you’ll hopefully see a screen with your boarding group number and estimated return time. When your boarding group is called, which you should receive via push notification, head to the attraction and an actor will scan you.

You can only hold one virtual queue for an attraction at a time. If you want to experience multiple attractions using a virtual queue on the same day (like Tron Lightcycle Run), you will need to join one at 7:00 a.m. and the other at 1:00 p.m.

Disney Genie+ Fast Track

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will also have a Lightning Lane entrance for guests who purchase the Disney Genie+ service. Disney Genie+ is a paid service that gives you access to Lightning Lane entrances at select attractions. Lightning Lanes allow you to skip the line and use faster Lightning Lanes for the attractions you select. This way, you can access more attractions with less waiting throughout the day.

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To participate in this ride using Lightning Lane, you will first need to pay for Disney Genie+; you can do this on the day of your visit any time after midnight. The cost varies depending on the park and date, but it starts at around $15 per person per day, but for Magic Kingdom it’s probably more often between $25 and $35 per person. You can purchase this service from midnight on the day of your visit. (And yes, sleep is sometimes a limited commodity at Disney World.)

Then, starting at 7 a.m. on the day of your visit, you can make your first Lightning Lane selection. This should be Tiana’s Bayou Adventure if you want to guarantee a chance to ride. Click the hamburger menu on the My Disney Experience app home page, click “Today’s Plans” and navigate to the “Tips Board” at the top of the page.

Be sure to view the attractions at Magic Kingdom and scroll down to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. You should see a box saying “Disney Genie+” with a return time. Click “Book an Experience” and follow the instructions to reserve your return window. Then, visit the attraction during your return window for the experience.

The Story of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

The ride will follow Tiana and her musically inclined animal friends – including Louis, the trumpet-playing alligator – as she prepares for a splashy Mardi Gras party. And you’re invited.

Tiana and Louis. PAUL MORSE/DISNEY

In fact, the Riders will join Tiana as she searches for a group of creatures to perform at the celebration. Along the way, you’ll meet dozens of new and familiar characters in the form of new animatronics, like the magical Mama Odie, Prince Naveen, Tiana’s friends and family, and the aforementioned musical creatures.

You’ll be “almost there” after the wet and wild 50 foot drop. From the information revealed so far, it looks like you’ll be arriving at the Mardi Gras celebration to sing and dance with Tiana and all her friends for the attraction’s grand finale.

Animatronic from Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY

These characters will be brought to life with some of the most technologically advanced and realistic animatronics Disney has ever created. Several stars from the film also return to reprise their roles, including Tiana’s Anika Noni Rose and Mama Odie’s Jennifer Lewis.

You’ll hear all-new music and familiar favorites from the film, but that’s not the only “scented” surprise Disney has planned. If you remember from the movie, Tiana makes a mean donut, and you might be able to smell this warm, fresh treat as you walk through the attraction’s queue.

After the ride, you can enjoy Tiana’s special donut recipe at the Golden Oak Outpost and Friar’s Nook in Magic Kingdom for a limited time. Of course, they’re a must-see at the Port Orleans French Quarter resort, in case you want to plan an entirely themed trip around Tiana and New Orleans.


Not only will Tiana’s Bayou Adventure be an exciting new addition to the Magic Kingdom, but it will also be an important moment in Disney history. As the first Black Disney Princess and, therefore, the first Black Disney Princess to enjoy her own attraction, Disney continues to uphold its commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Tiana’s drive and passion inspire children (and adults) around the world, and we can’t think of anyone more deserving of her own attraction.

We’ll share more details about this exciting new water attraction after we experience it ourselves. We’ll bring you updates on influences, inspiration, and just how soaked you’ll be after a visit to the bayou with Tiana and her pals. Stay tuned.

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