These are the “official” cars of your place of residence

These are the “official” cars of your place of residence

Photo: Nissan

The type of vehicle someone drives says a lot about who they are, but it can also say a lot about their origin. If enough people in an area start getting the same type of car can create a bit of a stereotype. That’s where the idea of ​​an “official” car came from, and that’s what sparked that question.

That’s why we wanted to know what the “official” car you come from East. Which vehicle represents the place you call home better than anything else? It also gives us a good chance to see where you are from in the world, which is always neat.

Anyway, it turns out most of you think Teslas, Subaru And vans best represent where you come from. I need to know why. Compared to other vehicles, Teslas and Subarus sell in nice little numbers. Do they stand out more since they are rarer? Who knows. Reply with “pvans » makes sense. If you come from anywhere in the country with even a hint of rurality, you’re going to see a ton of pickup trucks.

But don’t worry, we have more than just these three vehicle categories. So why don’t we sit down and check out the “official” cars where our fellow Jalops are from.


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