These are the best cheap cars of all time

These are the best cheap cars of all time

Picture: Honda

The answer is the Honda Jazz/Fit GD3. It’s 2007-2008 MY for us Americans.

This echoes the other people here suggesting the Fit, except I specifically want to single out the first generation, as it’s the cheapest, and also the smallest.

It costs nothing to buy – it’s invisible to all the market forces that cause the prices of cheap old cars to skyrocket. Second-hand prices were not affected at all.

It is lightweight, small engine, relatively high revs, costs nothing to maintain. It is available in stick form and, due to its minivan-like interior configuration, can be both a utility van and a comfortable motorhome for two adults in a snap.

Adding a stabilizer bar and making a basic tune makes it a go-kart for cornering.

Comparatively safe – airbags everywhere, and will support its own weight upside down on the roof.

The form is ready.

The NSX was only in development for 4 years added, with a photo of their own third-generation Fit:

The HondaFit. Like most modern Hondas, motorists didn’t fully appreciate them when they were available, but now that most Honda Golden Eras are gone they are finally starting to be noticed as the reincarnation of the EF, EG and EK Civic hatches. The photo above is mine – it was the first new car I ever bought and I plan to keep it until I finally die.

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