The Vevor Car Cooler is perfect for road trips and available on Amazon.

The Vevor Car Cooler is perfect for road trips and available on Amazon.

With summer fast approaching, you probably have a few road trips on the horizon. Whether you’re driving coast to coast or just hitting the highway for a few hours en route to the beach, there are a few items you should have in your suitcase to make your summer getaway a breeze. child, not a bore. The one Amazon shoppers love is the Vevor car fridge. It’ll keep all your favorite snacks and drinks at their perfect temperature, so you won’t have to stop at rest stops (except for that micro-bladder friend who always needs the jar).


No more stopping for ice cream on the way to the tailgate party! Please.

$125 at Amazon

The portable fridge can hold up to 20 liters of food and drink at a time, making it the perfect size to store the essentials for a long drive, picnic, camping trip or whatever. It has an easy-to-use electronic temperature control panel that will tell you the internal temperature, which you can easily adjust with just the press of a button. It works so fast it can go from 68 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit in just 15 minutes. The fridge also comes with a built-in USB port so you can charge your phone simultaneously.

In addition to a durable, corrosion-resistant exterior, the car cooler also features fluoride-free insulation and a sealing ring that traps cold air inside. It is even equipped with a radiator for heat dissipation. Perhaps best of all, it comes with two power cords. One is a 12/24V DC cable that connects to the car battery so you can use it on the go; the other is a 110-240V AC power input that can be used indoors, so you can use it at home when you need extra fridge space for parties and parties. events.

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The folks at Vevor can’t promise you’ll stay cool on that long, long summer drive. But your bevvies certainly will. (Photo: Amazon)

“I liked that it was both AC and DC powered. I took a trip to Arizona and it maintained the temperature throughout the hot weather. Also use at home to quickly chill drinks. Great value for money,” said a cool customer.

And it’s not just ideal for holidays either. People who take long commutes or work from their car say it’s great for everyday use, too. “I drive a daytime cad truck. This thing is great for keeping my lunch and drinks. I save meat for lunch, peanut butter and jelly, yogurt – you name it. Saved me several times from being stuck in traffic with a freeway closure. Stays very, very cold with no problem, ”wrote this good friend.

Other buyers say it’s perfect for keeping your meds at the temperature you need while traveling. “I took this fridge on a 14 day trip to keep my insulin cool. It worked well in the truck using the USB cord and then in the hotel using the regular power cord,” declared a five-star reviewer.

No matter what you need to keep the chill down, you’ll definitely want to have one of these babies on hand before you hit the road this summer.

The Vevor Car Cooler is perfect for road trips and available on Amazon.


Make this summer your DWI: Driving While Impressed with this awesome device.

$125 at Amazon

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