The Best Ninja Creami Accessories to Enhance Your Ice Cream Experience

The Best Ninja Creami Accessories to Enhance Your Ice Cream Experience

You’ve got your Ninja Creami – now for the extras. (Photo: Amazon)

The Ninja Creami is having a moment. Absolutely the ice cream maker possesses TikTok right now, with countless trending videos devoted to recipes, hacks, and the general obsession with it. Of course, while it looks pretty amazing right out of the box (read my Ninja Creami review), the gadget gets even better when you accessorize. I’m talking about extra pint containers, special ingredients, fancy ice cream bowls, and more. Read on for my list of the best Ninja Creami accessories and extras.


Remember: each Creami preparation requires 24 hours in the freezer before being mixed. That’s why extra pint containers are absolutely essential: you can always have something in the freezer, ready to go. There are off-brand containers that are priced a few dollars lower, but I’d be concerned about potential damage to the machine if they don’t fit exactly.

$30 on Amazon

Muller Austria

Many Creami recipes involve a bit of blending before freezing – and if you plan to make sorbet, your fruit should be fully blended. So, an immersion blender is an incredibly useful tool to have on hand. This one includes not only a stainless steel blade, but also a whisk and frothing tools. Cleaning is also child’s play: just disconnect the accessory, rinse it and you’re done.

$30 on Amazon

your god

Although the Ninja Creami Instruction Guide includes a few recipes, this 99-page book will seriously expand your ice cream horizons. We’re talking Lavender Cookie, Pineapple Rum Sorbet, Pumpkin Gelato, and many more unique flavors, plus plenty of classics for less adventurous eaters. Note: Amazon is home to dozens of similar cookbooks; this one is notable for having an overall five-star average rating from over 230 buyers.

$11 at Amazon


Yes, you’ll probably eat your ice cream from the pint, unless those pesky kids or grandkids are around, in which case you’ll have to share. How adorable are these colorful ice cream cone bowls and matching spoons? They are stackable, BPA free and dishwasher safe. And you get a full set of 12 for less than $14, which I find really surprising.

$14 at Amazon


Is this the definitive scoop of ice cream? Maybe so: it has an average rating of 4.8 stars from nearly 7,000 (!) Amazon customers. I like the pointed and somewhat narrow design, to work better within the confines of the Ninja’s pint-sized containers. And Balci’s dishwasher-safe spoon is available with eight different handle colors, to better match your kitchen decor.

$12 at Amazon

by Anthony

Ask any Ninja Creami enthusiast and they’ll tell you that guar gum is a game changer. Indeed, if you thought your ice cream was creamy before, wait until you add some of this natural thickener. (Find a few recipes before experimenting, because a little is enough. Indeed, that 12-ounce bag is likely to last you a long time.)

$10 at Amazon


If you like peanut butter even a little, add PB2 to your pint before freezing. This magic trick gives you all the flavor and protein of peanut butter with just a fraction of the fat. And this bundle includes both a regular bottle and a bottle that adds cocoa, because the only thing better than peanut butter is peanut butter and chocolate.

$11 at Amazon


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