Spider-Man through the Spider-Verse: Everything you need to remember

Spider-Man through the Spider-Verse: Everything you need to remember

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Miles Morales, voiced by Shameik Moore, is a teenager from Brooklyn, New York who leaves his normal school for a more prestigious school called Brooklyn Visions Academy. Her father, Jefferson, is a policeman; his mother, Rio, is a nurse; and he is passionate about art and music.

One day, while doing graffiti on the subway with his uncle Aaron, Miles is bitten by a spider that gives him superpowers. When he tries to find out more about the origin of the spider, he witnesses a fight between Spider-Man and Kingpin. Spider-Man tries to stop Kingpin from using a massive machine that can destroy space and time, and in the process Spider-Man is killed by Kingpin. Before dying however, Spider-Man senses that Miles is like him and makes Miles promise that he will stop Kingpin and destroy the machine, which they call a collider.

At first, Miles is just beginning to learn about his powers; along the way, he encounters several other Spider-people who were brought to Peter’s world thanks to Kingpin’s collider. By the end of the movie, he’s been his universe’s official Spider-Man for exactly two days.


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