Sci-fi, fantasy and horror projects affected by writers’ strike

Sci-fi, fantasy and horror projects affected by writers’ strike

Picture: Rodin Eckenroth / Stringer (Getty Images)

The takeaway here is not that our favorite shows are going to fail, but that due to corporate greed and a failure to keep up with the times, television and film writing has become a career. cheapened, devalued and unattractive. Writers struggle to earn rent, while David Zaslav, the CEO of Warner Bros, earns more than $35 million a year.

This is an existential and necessary decision that many writers did not want to make, but did out of a desire to keep their profession alive and help pave the way for other unions to act on their own while negotiations will come with the AMPTP later. during this year. Overall, writers requested $500 million spread across nearly 12,000 writers; this is a 3% increase. Considering the billions of dollars that streamers and studios make, their demands seem pretty reasonable.

You can follow how support writers by visiting the WGA contract site.

We will continue to update this slideshow as we learn of other productions affected by the ongoing strike.

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