Ready to finally have a swimming pool? You can get these 12 options directly from Amazon

During the hot, lazy days of summer, there’s nothing better than jumping into a nice, cold pool. What if all you had to do was walk into your backyard after a long day at work and jump into your personal pool?

We’ve created a list of pools currently for sale on Amazon, so you can create your own backyard oasis. Plus, your own pool can be delivered to your door within 24 hours if you are an Amazon Prime member. You can join or start a 30-day free trial to shop.

Economical swimming pools

An affordable but still large swimming pool. (Amazon)

The Bestway Stell Pro Max swimming pool can hold up to 330 liters of water and is easy to assemble. No tools are required and there is a flow-controlled drain valve that makes emptying the pool quick and easy. This pool features a rust-proof coating that protects it from sun damage. You can find similar Bestway above ground pools at Walmart.

Easily install your pool in 30 minutes. (Amazon)

This 12-foot x 30-inch round pool holds up to 1,718 gallons of water and can accommodate up to six people. It comes with a sturdy metal frame, filter pump, and cartridge filter pump to ensure your pool stays free of dirt and grime all season long. Ace Hardware offers the same pool.

An affordable pool that the whole family can fit into. (Amazon)

For a huge pool that’s still affordable, consider this Intex rectangular pool. It holds an impressive 7,127 liters of water. It’s easy to open and you can fill the entire pool in 30 minutes or less. You can purchase this Intex pool on Amazon or through Walmart.

This pool is sturdy and deep, perfect for family pool parties. (Amazon)

For a deep, sturdy pool, this Bestway above ground pool includes everything you need. It has a corrosion-resistant steel frame, is extremely strong and will stay together. The pool set includes the pool itself, a filter pump and a chemical dispenser. Shop for similar Bestway pools at Walmart.

Add color to your garden with this pink swimming pool. (Amazon)

If pink is your color, this simple and very affordable pink Intext pool can be installed and filled in just 30 minutes. The pool is made from puncture-proof materials for continued use year after year. Buy the same Intex Pink pool at Walmart.

Inflatable pools

Relax all summer in a swimming pool equipped with seats and headrests. (Amazon)

This is the perfect lounge pool with seats and headrests. The pool can comfortably accommodate four people and is easy to inflate whenever you want to use it. You can find other lounge pool options at Walmart.

This is one of the simplest pools to set up. (Amazon)

The Intex 12ft x 30in pool can be installed in just 10 minutes. It can comfortably accommodate four people and is intended for both children and adults. Walmart also has this Intex pool on sale right now.

This pool is big enough for your children and all their friends. (Amazon)

This oversized family pool is small but can accommodate up to two adults and three to five children. It is made from BPA-free materials that meet standards for children’s toys. Discover other models of family pools at Walmart.

Whether you want to lounge in your pool or just fill that lounge chair with water, you have the perfect place to relax this summer. (Amazon)

If you want a personal swimming pool, this inflatable lounger offers comfort and can be filled with water to keep you cool. The lounge chair features a removable pillow and cushioned base that allows you to lounge in the sun all day long. You can find an assortment of inflatable pool loungers at Walmart.

Give your kids a swimming pool and basketball hoop all in one. (Amazon)

Your kids will love this inflatable swimming pool with an attached basketball hoop and an inflatable basketball. The pool is made of durable PVC that will not fade over time in the sun. You can buy this pool on Amazon or Walmart.

Luxury swimming pools

If you want a hot tub instead of a pool, this inflatable one is relatively affordable. (Amazon)

If you prefer a spa, the Bestway SaluSpa Inflatable Spa is sturdy and features 180 jets that make it easy to relax after a long day. It’s made from puncture-resistant materials and is also meant to withstand freezing temperatures. For even more affordable inflatable hot tub options, you can find a variety at Walmart.

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Throw the pool party of the century with this pool. (Amazon)

If you want one of the most luxurious pools on Amazon, the Funsicle Oasis Designer Pool can accommodate up to 15 people. It also offers enough space to do tricks. The pool kit comes with a ladder, pool cover, repair parts, groundsheet and maintenance kit. If you would like other Funsicle models, you can view your options through Walmart.