GOP chair issues weak statement but won’t mention Trump by name after Democrats announce plans to arrest leading GOP presidential contender

What a joke the Republican Party has become. Their weakness contributes directly to the collapse of our civil liberties, our economy and our civilization.

The Democrats are pushing a communist hell on America with soaring street crime, inflation at dangerous levels, a banking system near collapse and stolen elections where their candidates are so sure of their selection that they no longer bother to argue. And we have a GOP that refuses to engage or even speak out.

We lose our country as the Republican Party kneels before the DNC crowd.

President Trump announced today that he would be arrested on Tuesday and charged by a New York official funded by Soros.

GOP Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel tweeted this:

Ronna Romney McDaniel: Since his “Day One” memo, the radical Manhattan prosecutor has made no secret that his priority is to continue his far-left agenda, whatever the cost. Major crimes are up 22% in New York, but he outrageously uses his office for political revenge instead of protecting Americans.

That’s all the GOP can offer.

They will not support you.

It’s time we all realized this.


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