Calls grow on the left for Trump to be held without bail – For a misdemeanor

The left is salivating at the thought that finally Orange Man Bad will be arrested and perp in front of the media next week. But that is not enough for them. Calls were made on Saturday for President Trump to be held without bail because they say he is a danger to the country because of his call for supporters to protest if he is arrested. Liberals say this is incitement for another January 6 and therefore Trump should be kept behind bars where he cannot post calls to protest on social media.

New York has extremely lax bail laws, making bail non-existent for most defendants. However, liberals believe an exception should be made for Trump.

Leading the parade is former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner, who appeared on MSNBC on Saturday to raise the specter of a judge denying Trump bail.

For those who can bear it, Kirschner also posted another video of himself commenting further on Trump’s planned arrest: “Trump says he will be ARRESTED on Tuesday; tells his followers to come to Manhattan for his arrest to “TAKE BACK OUR NATION!” When it comes to inciting imminent lawlessness, Donald Trump has a track record.

Sirius/XM host and former attorney Dean Obeidallah, “Donald Trump should NOT be released on bail. No conditions can be imposed that ‘would reasonably ensure the safety of the community’ if Trump were released on bail. 100% violence. Plus he’s been a high-risk thief since he owned a plane. #NoBailForTrump”

Cable commentator and former New York State Civil Attorney Tristan Snell, “Donald Trump should be denied bail – he has a history of inciting violent unrest and is calling it again He cannot remain free while awaiting trial.

Grant Stern of the Occupy Democrats, “That’s a clear reason to lock him up without bail.”

Former prosecutor Mark Romano (a Democrat voting ‘Constitutional Conservative’), “This is Donald Trump’s way of begging his supporters to get violent. He’s too stupid to realize that this strategy will only arrest and imprison him without bail. No trial judge will allow an indicted defendant to do that kind of bullshit.

Democratic activist Erica Marsh, “Once charged on Tuesday, Donald Trump should not be released on bail. He should be held in prison until his trial. Not only is he likely to flee, but he’ll likely commit even more crimes if released. Do you agree?”

Liberal activist Molly Ploofkins, “Donald Trump should be denied bail for his post calling for protests. #LockHimUp”

Obeidallah observed that there is an extremely high standard for setting bail in New York, “Unfortunately it looks like Trump will get bail in New York because ‘New York is the only state without a so-called standard of dangerousness. This means the judge cannot deny bail because Trump is a danger to the public if released – and he 100% is.”

Without asking for any bail, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) hit ten on the hysteria meter: “It was Donald Trump who broadcast to the world that the FBI raided his home to recover top secret documents. And it was Donald Trump who announced to the whole world that he would soon be arrested. His goal is acts of violence in his name. And we must be ready to protect ourselves from it.


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