Nothing Phone (2) is weeks away from launch, CEO teases

Nothing Phone (2) is weeks away from launch, CEO teases

It seems like every few months Nothing CEO Carl Pei has something to say. This year, he focused on making Nothing Phone (2) not only, but an audience he has yet to serve. We know more now about what kind of cache Pei is building for the brand and what the new phone will have in its own cache.


Nothing told Forbes that the phone (2) will have a 4,700 mAh battery and will launch globally in July.

What’s up Carl?

In terms of timing, Pei had previously said he was planning a “late 2023” surge and that the US would be included this time around – it wasn’t for the phone (1). As for that capacity figure, it’s 200mAh more than what was on the phone’s battery (1) and is within the range of other flagship Android devices – an exact match to the Galaxy S23+ from Samsung, for example.

That should pair well with the reliable (if older) battery-draining Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset that Pei previously said is on the phone (2).

“It has been thoroughly tested and continuously optimized through numerous updates since its introduction a year ago,” Pei said in this latest interview. “We prioritize user experience over being first in the spec race. Also, the latest technology comes at a cost that is not always justified from a user benefit perspective.”


We also get another visual teaser to boot, detailing a continuation of the Spartan transparent aesthetic that has been carried across the company’s product portfolio.

Much love nothing?

The former OnePlus executive continues to want to measure Nothing to Apple.

“Apple is continuously gaining traction on Android,” Pei continues, “and there’s no really exciting alternative at the moment, especially for the younger generation.”

There is no claim that the Phone (1) has sold 750,000 units so far. Customers from iPhone are arriving in droves with a migration rate three to four times higher than the Android average. The phone (2) is expected to cause a stir in America, given its general fondness for the iPhone.

“With the US being a very Apple-dominated market with no real option for people looking for an alternative,” Pei notes, “this presents a good opportunity for Phone (2).”

Fortunately, July is two months ahead of September, when Apple is expected to release its generation of iPhone 15 devices. It will need every possible head start.


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