Nicolab International seeks $10 million in capital raise

SYDNEY – Nicolab International, a medtech company known for its StrokeViewer diagnostic platform, is aiming to secure a $10 million investment through a structured preference shares offering. The company has chosen Ord Minnett to facilitate this funding effort, transitioning from Morgans who previously assisted with a $15 million round in May.

The seven-year-old firm has maintained a steady valuation of approximately $130 million since mid-2021 and has been a significant player in the medical technology sector. StrokeViewer, Nicolab’s cloud-native diagnostic tool, is currently utilized in 200 hospitals and has been part of the company’s growth strategy.

Nicolab’s founders played a pivotal role in the MR CLEAN trials, which have been influential in advancing stroke care. These trials have contributed to the company’s credibility and the effectiveness of their technology in medical settings.

In addition to its current funding pursuits, Nicolab has been engaging with Australian investors since 2018. The company was aiming to list on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in 2019. This move is part of its broader strategy to expand its investor base and increase its market presence.

Moreover, Nicolab has attracted attention from notable investors including Washington H. Soul Pattinson. The company’s growth and innovation have also led to a strategic partnership with Philips, focusing on distribution and co-development efforts, further solidifying Nicolab’s position in the healthcare industry.

As Nicolab moves forward with its capital raising plans and operational expansion, it continues to strengthen its foundation for future growth and development within the medtech landscape.

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