Nick Wright has a clear opinion on Kyrie Irving

Nick Wright has a clear opinion on Kyrie Irving
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Superstar guard Kyrie Irving, currently of the Dallas Mavericks, is arguably one of the most talented players in NBA history, with a skill set rarely seen in the league.

Despite his incredible talent, Irving has become a liability for the teams he’s played on since forcing the Cleveland Cavaliers to trade him in 2017.

Every save Irving has made since leaving the Cavs has ended in disappointment, either due to injury issues or off-court issues, which have eclipsed anything he’s been able to accomplish on the court.

Irving will become a free agent this summer, and while there has been talk of him re-signing with the Mavericks, there has been speculation that he could sign with the Los Angeles Lakers or take his talents elsewhere.

Nick Wright of Fox Sports thinks no title contender in the league should even bother going after the veteran guard because he’s not a winning player.

At this point, it’s unclear what will happen with Irving, as he could stay in Dallas to see if the dynamic duo with Luka Doncic actually works or travel to Los Angeles to join forces with LeBron James once again.

It’s not impossible that Irving will end up having a hard time finding a new team, with league franchises no longer buying what he’s selling.

There’s no doubt that when committed and motivated, Irving is one of the best goaltenders in the league and one of the toughest players to contain with the basketball in his hands.

The problem is that Irving is a wildcard and can lose his temper at any time regardless of the impact it has on his team and teammates, which is obviously a red flag for interested teams.

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