Despicable Me: The Best Minions in the Franchise, Ranked

Nothing defines modern children’s animation like tiny, yellow, pill-shaped bodies with varying numbers of eyes and cute blue jumpsuits. Despicable me is a children’s animated movie franchise that came out with its first movie in 2010. Since then, people of all ages have become fans of characters like Gru and all the minions. In fact, the Minions are an entire entity unto themselves (via The New York Times). The little creatures speak absolute gibberish, sometimes Spanish and other languages ​​are confused, but kids, and even adults, eat it up.

The minions are a loyal bunch to Groo, and with an army like that, what’s not to love? Despicable meThe story of was warm, heartfelt and packed with action. The movies had their bright spots, but none as bright as the Minions. They were responsible for so much innocent comedy, character and nonsense. Although many of the little guys are running around, some have a special place in our hearts. If you are a fan of Despicable me franchise, be sure to check out our ranking of the best minions from the movies.

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7/7 Karl

CarlMinion (1)

Karl He is an adorable little minion. Many of the little guys have special moments that stick in our minds when we think of the Minions. Carl, in fact, has one very memorable line Despicable me motion pictures. He enters the room with a siren, saying “B-doo” through a megaphone. Well, right now, it was just as annoying as it was cute, and it was instantly shut down by spraying it with a fire extinguisher.

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6/7 Jorge

JorgeMinion (1)

The minion is his name Jorge He happens to be the central subject of one of the most iconic Minions moments ever. Jorge is a wider minion, with hair that sticks straight and two very charming eyes. The minions with Groo are funny. However, the minions alone? unparalleled. The defining moment of Jorge as a whole Despicable me The concession was when he sat, naked, on a scanner to take pictures of his bottom. The moment was adorable, funny, and perfectly suited to what we would classify as Minion climax nonsense.

5/7 Dave

Dave Minion (1)

The names of all these minions are so ordinary compared to their out of this world personalities. Along with being erratic and uncontrollably childish, the minions are completely loyal to Groo. For example, we have Dave. Dave has two bulging eyes and the most stunning midsection we’ve ever seen. He is best known for Despicable me Franchise for his role in dressing up as an evil minion. You know, the crazy looking purple ones with wild hair? At Gru’s request, Dave was one of the sacrificial lambs in this scenario, and the whole scene was just as chaotic as you can imagine.

4/7 Elephant

PhilMinion (1)

We can’t rank the best minions without mentioning Elephant. Phil and his spiky hair don’t get an incredible amount of screen time throughout Despicable me motion pictures. However, his presence is definitely felt. Phil is best known for his iconic maid outfit. There are few moments in Minion history that burn images into our minds the way he did – this wondrous sight is worthy of an award in itself.

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3/7 Stewart

Stewart Minion (1)

Drums please for the main trio! StewartAlong with both Kevin and Bob, these guys are the main Minion team in I/despicable minions dealership. Stewart has his iconic single eye on everything. He is involved in most of what the minions do and how they contribute to the main plot of the films. To name a few of his on-screen contributions, Stewart is the one who sprayed Carl with the fire extinguisher, he flirted with a fire hydrant, and he served as a minion glow stick.

2/7 Quinn

Queen Mignon (1)

We all know and love Quinn. Kevin, among the sea of ​​yellow, he catches the eye because of his height. Kevin is a taller two-eyed minion with a small tuft of hair right in the middle of his head. Kevin is part of the main trio and an easy fan favorite of Despicable me dealership. As much as Kevin is an integral part of the minion army and a great leader, he does get kidnapped by Dr. Nafario at one point and turns into an evil purple minion himself.

1/7 Bob

BobMinion (1)

When the audience thinks of the Minions, the cuter they are, the more memorable they are. Well, in the main trio of minions, no one is cuter Bob. Bob is the shorter, two-eyed, hairless little minion next to Kevin and Stuart. He is involved in many of the major shenanigans in the country Despicable me movies and with a simple name like Bob, he is easily recognized by fans. Also, his different colored eyes (green and brown) are a staple, and combined with his childlike demeanor and humor, Bob is easily one of the top minions in this franchise.

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