90 Day Fiancé: Memphis Sandoval’s Hottest IG Outfits in 2022

Memphis Sandoval from The 90 Day Fiancé: Ahead of Season 5 of The 90 Days, she showed off her new chic style in 2022 after shedding 47 pounds postpartum.

Memphis Sandoval from 90 day old fiance The franchise loves rocking glamorous outfits with new hairstyles, and she posted some of her best stylish looks in 2022. The 35-year-old reality star is known for her quirky storyline on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 days Season 5, during which she married Hamza McKinney. Shortly after the wedding, the couple became pregnant.

After arriving in the United States from Tunisia, the duo split up without giving an explanation to their fans. Since then, Memphis and Hamza have had a custody battle over their child. Memphis has changed significantly over the past few months, and there are two main reasons for her full body transformation. She lost 47 pounds shortly after giving birth to her third baby, which dramatically changed her body shape. Her fashion sense also developed after losing weight. Memphis now dresses in trendy clothes, which makes her look younger. In some of her photos, she looks more like a girl than a 35-year-old woman.

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Memphis Sandoval kills in the blue

Memphis posted some of her best fashion looks on Instagram in 2022. In November, she thanked her “Friends of the family and support” for being by her side. In an Instagram post, Memphis shared two photos of herself from the beach, wearing a strapless blue dress. The Michigan native rocked long braided hair and heavy eye makeup that enhanced her beautiful eyes. 90 day old fiance Fans showered Memphis with compliments like, “You look so good and I’m so happy to see you again!” and “Beauty, intelligence, strength, courage and survival.”

Memphis Sandoval rocks a short bob

90 day fiance Memphis Sandoval

When Memphis first appeared on the show, she rocked medium-length wavy hair, bright makeup, and colorful clothes. However, since then she has been experimenting with her look, trying new hair and opting for new makeup techniques. In March 2022, Memphis showed off her short side-swept haircut. In the video, she wore a black top and neutral makeup that accentuated her features. To further enhance her appearance, the 90 day old fiance Franchisee Alum wore a small nose ring.

Memphis Sandoval’s birth appearance

In April 2022, Memphis posted her Beyoncé-like pregnancy photos, wearing a stunning gold dress with a flower crown. In the video, she flaunted her complete outfit with an exquisite leaf print, a massive glittering gold necklace, a forehead ornament and temporary body art using henna-based paint. God 90 day old fiance The franchise star topped off her look with white makeup and nail polish that matched her jewelry outfit perfectly. Memphis’ followers were stunned by her appearance and couldn’t help but praise her with sweet compliments. An Instagram user wrote, your beautiful pregnant Mazel Tov.” Another user commented, “Memphis. How beautiful you are Wowwww.” 90 day old fiance Fans are excited to see the new style of Memphis in 2023.

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