McLaren Senna GTR rides in a new home on the 57th floor of a luxury penthouse

McLaren Senna GTR rides in a new home on the 57th floor of a luxury penthouse

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It is Want Kristens new indoor plant stand! No! It’s a McLaren Senna GTRone of 75 ever built, and now it will live forever in a $26.3 million Australian apartment.

In case you missed it:

This incredible 814-hp performance vehicle with a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 intended only for the track and costing $1 million brand new, will probably never taste the asphalt under its tires again. Instead, it will be the centerpiece of a very wealthy man’s living room. I don’t know if Ayrton Senna would have liked that, but uh, the rich do weird stuff. The Senna has been hoisted to the 57th floor of a new ultra-luxury development in Melbourne, Australia, by a very careful team of eight people. When he reached his destination, someone drove the Senna up to the unfinished empty apartment, 9News reports.

Major operation to transport rare high-performance supercar into Adrian Portelli’s penthouse | 7NEWS

The rich guy who organized all this is Adrian Portelli, real estate investor and founder of something called LMCT+ rewards club. His new apartment at towers broke the record for Australia’s most expensive property. His McLaren was also the most expensive used car for sale in the country. Portelli can afford a lot of expensive shit, and appreciates that fact so much he went full Pimp my ride and put his expensive shit inside his expensive shit.

And just like the vehicles on Pimp my ride, this car will probably never run the way it should again. Portelli admitted the GTR will probably never be driven again, due to the logistical nightmare of getting the car up and down 57 flights of luxury apartments. CarScoops reports. The McLaren Senna GTR is track-only, which of course severely limits the amount of driving time it can already get. But still, it’s like seeing tigers at the zoo; something beautiful and wild imprisoned behind glass forever.


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