Maserati will send a V8 with Ghibli and Levante Ultima

Maserati will send a V8 with Ghibli and Levante Ultima

maserati may have the cache of an Italian luxury brand, and many people might bam surprised to find they can get one for less than $70,000 – but Ferrari it is not. Maserati’s demigod half-cousin whom she sometimes borrows engines from can do whatever he wants. Ferrari customers are begging it never to stop making V12s, a clamor sure to only grow in volume once the status quo is reversed and internal combustion cars running on synthetic fuel become a status symbol. accessible only to the elite. Because Maserati is just a killer brand, it’s saying goodbye to its V8s this year.

In case you missed it:

Currently, Maserati offers the F154 twin-turbocharged 3.8-litre V8 in Trofeo versions of its Levante, Ghibli and Quattroporte. Ferrari warned everyone that it would stop offering the F154 to its extended family years ago – in 2019, in fact, when then-CEO Louis Camilleri said on a call to results that Maserati had chosen not to renew the contract. At the time, Camilleri called it a “good thing”.

Well, four years have passed like this, and 2023 will mark the last year that Maserati will put the F154 in its cars. From next year, it will be all four- and six-cylinders – and the occasional electric vehicle – rolling off the production line, all the time. And by the end of the decade, the Trident badge will only appear on battery-electric cars. Depending on who you ask anyway; the North American side of the operation seems to be distancing itself from such proclamations.

In July, Maserati plans to unveil final V8-powered editions of the Ghibli and Levante, with the “Ultima” designation. The duo will bow this year at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. And like Maserati press release said very clearly, make no mistake: these are collectibles, through and through.

A historic moment for the Modena company, which has always looked to the future without abandoning its roots, and for those who love the history and modernity of the Trident models and their ability to ensure style, emotions and timeless performance. The same capabilities will be retained in the cars that will now become the new object of collectors’ desire.

Since 1959, when the Maserati 5000GT was created as the first car with the powerful V8, more than 100,000 units have been manufactured and sold with an eight-cylinder engine; the latest editions of the Maserati Trofeo, Ghibli 334 Ultima and Levante V8 Ultima, will be unveiled at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​in July 2023.

It’s funny to imagine someone hanging on and caring for their Levante Ultima 60 years from now, the same way a 5000GT does today. Enthusiasts will yearn for the weirdest gas-powered cars when they can’t have them anymore. It’s unclear how many units of the Ghibli and Levante Ultima Maserati intends to build, but we’ll likely know more in about two months.


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