Marvel stops production of Thunderbolts and Wonder Woman

Marvel stops production of Thunderbolts and Wonder Woman

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Production on Marvel to come Love at first sight And amazing man would have been discontinued for the foreseeable future.

Late Thursday evening, Deadline revealed that the pair of MCU projects have stalled as the WGA Strike enters its fourth week. Love at first sight, which stars Florence Pugh, Sebastian Stan and David Harbour, was set to begin production in Atlanta in mid-June, and his team wasn’t notified until earlier in the day. As for amazing man, the production shutdown was also fairly recent and occurred while the series was filming in Los Angeles. According to Deadline, the plan for both projects is for them to continue their respective productions once the strike is over, although there’s no clear indication of when that might be.

amazing man, directed by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Demetrius Grosse and Ben Kingsley, marks the second MCU television series after Daredevil: Born Again stop completely because of the strike. As for Love at first sight, it’s the second MCU film to be affected by the Writers Guild of America picket lines. At the start of the strike, Marvel had already halted pre-production on Blade, which was also gearing up to shoot in June ahead of a mid-2024 release. While amazing man never had a set release date, Love at first sight is currently still locked for the end of July 2024. But don’t be surprised if that date becomes more nebulous as the strike continues.

Currently, other projects such as Captain America: New World Order, Deadpool 3 And Agatha: Chaos Coven are still in production. In the case of these movies and shows, it looks like Marvel is planning to film what it can during principal photography and make some writing adjustments during the reshoot period. Whether or not the picket editors let them keep firing is another matter altogether.

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