Kid Sings Super Mario Bros. Peaches At Talent Show, Kills It

Kid Sings Super Mario Bros.  Peaches At Talent Show, Kills It

Picture: Nintendo / Illumination Entertainment

When I saw the Super Mario Bros Movie, the only time I lost it in the theater was when Jack Black’s Bowser sang his piano ballad “Peaches” in the middle of the movie. It was silly pathetic, and devilishly catchy. Last week, a school audience got to relive that moment when a child performed the song at a talent show in full Bowser costume, and it reigned supreme.

TikTok user @jessicawillis259 posted a few videos of their daughter performing the song during the show, and the best for me isn’t even the performance, it’s the reveal when the curtains open and she’s dressed as King Koopa himself and you can hear all the kids are excited because you know they’ve seen the record movie and find out what’s to come.

As the teacher had to adjust the microphone during the performance, the children in the crowd took over and sang along to every word. The talent show wasn’t a contest, but she got a thunder of applause and exploded online, so she continues to win.

What you can’t see in most of these videos is that she’s also styled her hair to match Bowser’s color scheme, with red, yellow, and green highlights in a bubble mohawk braid. Honestly, iconic. The kill of the century. @jessicawillis259 tagged Black in the original video, but the actor has yet to respond.

THE Super Mario Bros movie. had ups and downsbut “Peaches” remains a highlightbeen streamed millions of times on places like Spotify, and maybe even Oscar buzz for Best Original Song. But in addition to that, the movie made fucking moneyso much that Disney even gives him props. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, it’s available on streaming platforms NOW.


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