GREG GUTFELD: Media strategy, as always, is to demonize Republican candidates

GREG GUTFELD: Media strategy, as always, is to demonize Republican candidates

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So Ron DeSantis has announced his candidacy, which means it’s time for:

“Ron DeSantis just at the right time.”

Don’t clap. It was horrible. I said to Gene, “Make it bad.” Mission accomplished. So it happened during an audio stream with Elon Musk on Twitter. But there were technical issues that kept the Florida governor from speaking for about 25 minutes, prompting Biden’s press team to ask, “Anyway, can you hook us up on these issues?” Meanwhile, Musk was already dealing with those responsible…

But the conversation eventually started and lasted about an hour. We stop now to listen to all this.

RON DESANTIS: Well, I’m running for President of the United States.


Now that’s enough. This isn’t the first time I’ve promised an hour and finished in seconds. I don’t know what that means. Later, Ron stopped by to chat with our friend Trey Gowdy shortly after, despite their differences over what constitutes a good haircut. You know, I’m starting to think Trey isn’t going to a barber, he’s just sticking his head in the biggest pencil sharpener in the world. But I wonder, Ron, do we know if the country is on the wrong track?

RON DESANTIS, MAY 24: We know the country is on the wrong track. We see it with our eyes. We feel it in our bones. We see the border being crossed. We see crime infesting cities. We see the federal government making it harder for families to make ends meet and we have a president who is a listless ship.

Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., lambasted the Florida chapter of the NAACP for issuing a travel advisory against travel to the state due to its conservative policies. (Screenshot/Twitter)

Hmm, “listless?” It’s so wrong. Biden has a lot of lists. Watch this one. I’m going to read it: Put shoes after socks. Do not put socks after shoes. Only shake hands with real people. The person named Jill is your wife. But DeSantis clearly shows our country’s off-track — something Biden and his friends will never admit, even when the trains literally run off the tracks. Joe treats derailments like he treats unexpected grandchildren: as if they never happened.

But Ron better be ready to scold because the media and the Dems see him not only as a huge threat, but also as evil. And their mouths foam like Kevin Spacey watching a Little League game. I don’t understand. Vanity Fair posted this headline, “Ron DeSantis to officially announce 2024 candidacy with Elon Musk as apparently David Duke was unavailable.”

So really, a reference to David Duke, it’s almost as irrelevant as Vanity Fair. But it shows you how all these white supremacists are the fabric of the imagination when the only one the media can actually refer to is a loser from decades ago.

And failed presidential candidates are also appearing. This old clam tweeted, “Ron DeSantis’ ultra-MAGA Florida isn’t safe for people of color, LGBTQ+ people, or even multi-billion dollar corporations.” Is it safe? I bet that’s probably safer than being an old friend of Hillary’s, supposedly.

So it’s more or less the same lie that goes back to Florida’s so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill. Do you remember that, DeSantis signed? Do you remember the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, but remember:

ACTOR 1: Cheerful. Cheerful. Cheerful. Cheerful. Cheerful. Cheerful. Cheerful.

ACTOR 2: Don’t say gay, Bill.

ACTOR 1: Oh.

In fact, that never happened. The bill could have said, “Florida residents get free rainbow bikinis with penis pouches and a case of Bud Light,” and the media would still say it’s anti-gay because their strategy , as always, is to demonize. You see, even if you think Ron is Trump without the drama, it won’t matter. With the help of the media they create the drama and then it blames you. It’s like they set their own hair on fire and then call you the arsonist.


So it’s foolish to think things will be less contentious with a non-Trump candidate. They will be called evil from the start, which then allows them to commit all crimes. Shit, they’ll even rig an election if they fight Hitler.

Turmp and DeSantis

File photos of former President Donald Trump (left) and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (Fox News)

Here’s today’s CNN headline, “Why DeSantis Is Just As Dangerous As Trump — Or More.” You see that? And there we were told that Trump was an existential threat. So is DeSantis an additional existential threat? How is it possible? He’s not just evil, he’s double-secret, super-MAGA evil. Poor CNN, just like Jeffrey Toobin, they screwed up. If you don’t say DeSantis is as bad as Trump, that’s an endorsement for DeSantis. And if you say he’s worse than Trump, then you’re exposing your previous hysteria for what it was, ********. So expect more of that.

THE BREAKFAST CLUB: It’s obvious that Ron DeSantis is a white supremacist, isn’t it?

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: I don’t want to hate you. I can’t help it… Why don’t you like colored people? What’s wrong with American history? What’s wrong with homosexuals?

JOY REID: This is not a freedom program. It’s a do what Ron DeSantis tells you to do, the state owns your agenda.

As you can see, the demonization is up and sprinting like a trans girl at a high school track meet. And you don’t have to be Trump or even white. Look at new candidate Tim Scott.

JOY BEHAR: He’s one of those guys who, you know, he’s like Clarence Thomas, a black Republican, who believes in pulling by the bootstraps rather than, for me, understanding the systemic racism that African Americans face in this country and other minorities. He does not understand. Neither did Clarence, and that’s why they’re Republicans.

Well, thank you for telling us what it’s like to be Black in America, you the 80-year-old white witch who once wore a black face. Oh, yeah, she’s ugly, no matter what color. But it takes real balls to be a white woman lecturing black men about being black. Maybe she does.

Bottom line, if the GOP has any plans to win, they have to swing like Larry Kudlow in nude volleyball. What a picture, huh?


But don’t pretend that if Trump is out of the game, these Never-Trumpers will just come home, no. They still hate you because you love Trump.

So if you’re hoping for a calmer election, don’t kid yourself. They want to destroy you as much as they want to destroy the candidates. Maybe they want you dead because then they could count on you to vote Democrat.


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