Grand Theft Auto 6 is coming fall 2025

One of the biggest and most iconic game series is almost back. Grand Theft Auto 6 is apparently on track for a fall launch next year — a bit more specific than the previous release window of “2025.”

There’s no new trailer and GTA’s publisher Take-Two isn’t quite ready to offer a specific release date. CEO Strauss Zelnick said Variety: “I think we’ll leave it there for now.”

The sixth main part will take place in Leonida (the equivalent of Rockstar in Florida) and will mainly focus on Vice City (Miami). Compared to GTA Vice City, however, it will be contemporary. So I’m banking on OnlyFans pastiches, vapes, self-driving cars and everything else from the 2020s. Plus explosions and crime.

—Mat Smith

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AST and AT&T


AT&T subscribers will soon enjoy cellular service even in typical dead zones, such as deep in national parks or remote rural areas. The wireless carrier has been working with AST SpaceMobile since 2018, testing two-way audio, text, and video calls via satellites in space using regular smartphones. Today, the companies reached a commercial agreement, just in time for a rocket launch of five commercial AST satellites this summer. These satellites will allow AT&T to deploy its service, but there is no start date yet.

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OpenAI and Reddit announced a partnership on Thursday allowing OpenAI to surface Reddit discussions in ChatGPT and for Reddit to bring AI-powered features to its users. The partnership “will enable OpenAI’s tools to better understand and present Reddit content, particularly on recent topics,” the companies said in a joint statement. As part of the deal, OpenAI will also become an advertising partner on Reddit. Ugh.

I resurrected my Reddit habit because of an amazing/cursed game called . So hopefully soon I can just ask ChatGPT what certain cards and terms mean.

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The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill on Wednesday that could give at least some accountability to Ticketmaster and other live event providers. NBC News reports that the TICKET Act (not to be confused with the separate Senate bill with the same harsh acronym) would require ticket sellers to state the total cost of admission — including all fees — to buyers in advance .

Reform of the ticketing industry became a hot-button political issue in late 2022 after Ticketmaster’s Taylor Swift fiasco. The Live Nation-owned service, which has a stronghold in the industry, collapsed as millions of fans battled “a staggering number” of bots. Ticketmaster said presale codes reached 1.5 million fans, but 14 million (including those pesky bots) attempted to buy tickets.

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