Pokemon TCG: The best scarlet and purple cards

We’ve looked at the whole set as a whole, but let’s cut to the chase: what are the best cards in the new Pokemon trading card game scarlet and violet together? As always, it depends on your criteria. Here are our nominees!

The most meta-relevant scarlet and purple cards

If we have to pick one card that we think will make competitive decklists, it’s Revavroom. Card drawing is a big part of using spare bench seats, and Rumbling Engine gives you a full six-card hand every turn just for throwing an energy. And this energy map? Yes, it’s a cost, but so many decks need it in the discard pile to remove it with abilities.

The other great use for Bench Pokemon is for energy acceleration. AnywayThe Energy Carnival ability directly doubles the number you can play, with no target restrictions. Gardevoir ex is much more specific – it’s for Psychic decks – but it can draw unlimited energy from the discard pile at the cost of a little damage each time. Most of the time, it’s probably worth it! And it could work with that Revavroom or a whole lot of care, if you want to push things further.

Boss’s Orders is a mainstay of the format, as a well-timed trade often wins you the game. Given that, a slightly weaker version that works every turn? It could be useful! Mabosstiff let the opponent choose who comes in, but they don’t always have a great alternative to the bench.

We have seen movements like charcoalConcentrated Fire works well in the past because you get a draw for each energy card and you can just load it up with whatever you have. Enough of them and he can take anything.

And hey, maybe the cover art legendaries could see some use? Miraidon ex And Koraidon ex both have utility effects to aid decks of their type, with Miraidon seeking out Electric Pokémon and Koraidon drawing combat energy from the discard pile to your creatures.

The coolest scarlet and purple cards

we are not huge Toedscool fans, but its new full-art variant uses bold, stylized art that works really well. Looks like this set is a twist for the game’s “Illustrator Rare” cards, with many more of them keeping composition in mind. They look better and more varied, but also at least some of them remain legible! Likewise, the Myriam trainer card is really striking. We want more art like this, please! It helps that it’s useful enough to use as well.

An art that stands out by blending in: the new We are always. The composition of it hiding in the desert is very clever and effective. (And hey, again, we can read the map. We can’t stress enough how important this can be.)

No matter how you feel Tera ex or Tera Pokemon as a concept, the treatment of full-art versions is nice. We guess that’s not entirely surprising, because their whole thing is brilliant? But yes, it works here.

The Most Interesting Scarlet & Violet Cards

Although this is probably too much effort to come into play for a simple bench support effect, Speaking is an intriguing option. His leadership ability increases the damage of your basic attackers at all levels. Looking for something easier to use? The set is new hawlucha could possibly be part of a nice combo. At this time, we’re not sure it’s as useful to put a damage counter on two benched creatures. But what if there’s an efficient way to bounce it into your hand, or a powerful attack that requires the opponent to be damaged? It could happen.

We also keep an eye on Bomber. He can use an early turn attack to seek out three Pokemon Tool cards, quickly setting up a wild combo. But right now? The power level on Tools isn’t quite there. We bet we’ll see some nice ones soon, now that they’re a distinct type and The Pokemon Company wants to make them cool and marketable.

It is possible that you can also create a fun game around In effect. His Expert Nurturer ability allows you to immediately seek out and play an evolution on a creature, speeding up card draw and rolling off the ramp to a powerful attacker. THE Pokemon TCG is still, at its core, a game about the basics as they are easier and many are very strong. But we would like to see this change.

pokemon trading card game best scarlet purple cards

The Cutest Scarlet & Violet Cards

It is not surprising to see the new arrivalsas well as custom-made cute pals like Dead And pawmy, have fun in Paldea. They are not sophisticated, but the moments of relaxation between friends are also good.

The easy answer, however, is fidough. Which of the tree? It’s up to you. The two normal prints are of puppies deserving more than a treat, and the all-art version of this admiring a bakery display case instructs you on what kind of treat to choose. (On the other hand, the Mabosstiff line? The one the video game spends so much time making you love? The cards get fierce. Swing and miss, if you ask us. That’s a little better.)

The best and most endearing map concept we’ve seen pop up Pokemon The TCG illustrations are the evolution sequence. A great new example? THE Ralts-Kirlia-Gardevoir ex Illustrator’s rare chain. Growing up alongside your buddy hits our nostalgia hard, and it’s also nice to see Pokemon helping out in ways that aren’t just fighting.

THE Pokemon trading card game scarlet and violet the expansion launches on March 31, 2023. For more, check out the rest of our Pokemon TCG coverage.


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