Luxury contemporary fashion by Marro Designs

Meet the woman whose love and enthusiasm for the fashion industry is evident and undoubtedly evident to all, driven strongly by her desire to see others reflect their true beauty through what they wear. She is Oghenemarro Victory, also called Marro. She is the brain, initiator and creative force behind the “Marro Designs” clothing line.

“Marro Designs” is a distinctive brand that draws inspiration from the natural environment and local cultures, and its sense of Afro-Western fusion transcends the boundaries of the modern fashion industry. She creates distinctive clothing for men, women and children so the whole family can express themselves as a whole, beautiful entity through style. Using a variety of materials, including indigenous African print fabrics, Western plain and patterned fabrics, and carefully sourced accessories, Marro Designs is a modern clothing company that infuses vintage elegance into contemporary design.

As a young girl born and raised in Nigeria, her desire drove her to prioritize her love of the fashion industry. Her mother’s influence and early interest in fashion prompted her to join an apprenticeship program with Caroline Fashion House in 2005. At age 15, where she learned and specialized in women’s and children’s clothing, alongside in his secondary studies. She then incorporated menswear into her clothing line after completing an apprenticeship at SteveMash Clothing in 2009.

Marro continued her education at Delta State Polytechnic in Ogwashi-uku, Nigeria, where she studied Fashion Design and Garment Technology. She received a high distinction for her higher national diploma. She moved to the UK with her family in 2019 and continued to develop her style and brand while wearing it. It is quickly recognized for its originality while carrying its mark. Her love, enthusiasm, perseverance, sense of style and inventiveness won her a “Fashion Power House” in Aberdeen, UK. This earned her recognition as Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire’s Best Contemporary Fashion Designer” and winning the Fashion Art Media Award during Aberdeen Fashion Week.

What self-image do you want people who wear Marro Designs to have?In other words, they’re wearing a piece that’s a reminder that fashion is circular, and I want them to feel unique and wear it with pride knowing they’re part of the modern fashion consciousness that encourages people not to forget the very beginning. fashion in antiquity. When I receive important purchases or family parcels, I am particularly delighted because it inspires me to continue my activity.

What steps do you take to ensure that your supply chain and production process matches your idea of ​​contemporary fashion?

There are 3 major production processes,

1. Sourcing the fabric

2. Materials/accessories to produce clothes

3. Making patterns and making clothes.

Over the years I have been able to secure a sustainable supply stream and have continued to keep up to date with current market research for fabrics and materials that are unique to my niche which gives me a bottom line. amazing ending.

What are your ambitions for the brand as we approach the end of 2023?

I want to build a strong brand while maintaining its unique niche for contemporary clothing, thus creating a corporate website where products can be seen and ordered anywhere in the world, as I am already working on producing “ready-to-wear” clothing. à-porter” at high volume. I also aim to network and engage with like minds which will help me improve my skills and knowledge in the fashion industry.

You can connect with the brand on LinkedIn: Oghenemarro Offeh and Instagram: @marro_designs

Membership of the association:

British Fashion and Textile Association, UKFT

Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria, FADAN

African Fashion Development and Empowerment Center, AFDEC


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