Every new show coming to Apple TV+ in 2024

Key Takeaways

  • Apple TV+ unveiled a sizzle reel featuring a star-studded lineup of new original content set to release in 2024. The lineup includes a mix of genres, including historical dramas, sci-fi thrillers, comedies, and miniseries.
  • Some notable shows include The New Look, Constellation, Palm Royale, and Franklin. Apple also announced release dates for new seasons of multiple returning shows, like Big Door Prize.
  • It all adds up to a stacked calendar of content for the streaming service that is quickly becoming one of the better options around.

Apple TV+ has a full calendar for 2024

Apple TV+ has quietly built up a library of quality shows starring some of the biggest names in Hollywood. That’s showing no signs of stopping, as Apple has unveiled a sizzle reel featuring a huge lineup of new original content set to hit the streaming service over the next few months. The sizzle reel does feature a few films that will hit Apple TV+ for free, too, like Napoleon.

The biggest news, though, comes in the form of a star-studded line-up of new original shows.


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Apple announced release dates for 10 new series, all set to hit Apple TV+ before the summer. The list includes a little something for everyone, as Apple will be adding a new science fiction series in Constellation, comedies in The Completely Made-up Adventures of Dick Turpin and Palm Royale, and historical dramas in The New Look, Manhunt, and Franklin.

It also included release dates for new seasons of Apple TV+ series like The Reluctant Traveler with Eugene Levy, Loot, and The Big Door Prize. It all adds up to a stacked calendar of content for the streaming service that is quickly becoming one of the better options around.

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Here are all the new series Apple unveiled in its sizzle reel. We included the list of returning series release dates at the bottom.

1 The New Look

Historic names in fashion vs the Nazis

the new look

The New Look

Release date: February 14, 2024

Ben Mendelsohn stars as Christian Dior and Juliette Binoche as Coco Chanel in this historical drama series.

Todd A. Kessler

Number of Episodes

Ben Mendelsohn, Juliette Binoche, Maisie Williams

Set against the backdrop of the Nazi Occupation of France during World War II, the series delves into the lives of Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, and other fashion industry luminaries. Todd A. Kessler, renowned for his work on The Sopranos, is the creator of the series.

2 Constellation

A sci-fi mystery starring Noomi Rapace

Constellation 1


Release Date: February 21, 2024

A sci-fi thriller that follows an astronaut following a disaster.

Peter Harness

Noomi Rapace, Jonathan Banks,James D’Arcy

Number of Episodes

Featuring Noomi Rapace in the lead role, Constellation follows the story of an astronaut who survives a catastrophic space accident. Upon her return to Earth, she begins to realize that parts of her life are inexplicably missing.

3 The Completely Made-up Adventures of Dick Turpin

The Great British Bake-off’s Noel Fielding stars in a new comedy



The Completely Made-Up Adventures of Dick Turpin

Release date: March 1, 2024

A campy comedy that follows the nicest bandit you’ve ever met, Dick Turpin.

Claire Downes, Ian Jarvis, Stuart Lane

Number of Episodes

Noel Fielding, Hugh Bonneville, Asim Chaudhry

Noel Fielding stars as the titular Dick Turpin, a highwayman who is out to build himself as one of the most dangerous bandits in England. The series gives off a Pirates of the Carribean vibe, with Fielding doing his best Captain Jack Sparrow impersonation. Hugh Bonneville also stars as Jonathan Wild, the leader of an organization known as the Syndicate.

4 Manhunt

The true story of what happened after Lincoln’s assassination

Manhunt 2

Apple TV


Release date: March 15, 2024

Manhunt will show the full conspiracy surround Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, and what it took to bring John Wilkes Booth to justice.

Monica Beletsky

Tobias Menzies Anthony Boyle Lovie Simone

Number of Episodes

Manhunt follows real life events following the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Anthony Boyle will star as John Wilkes Booth, but the series will focus on Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, who’ll be played by Tobias Menzies. Stanton is charged with not only tracking Booth down, but unraveling a conspiracy that also targeted the Vice President and Secretary of State while working to preserve Lincoln’s vision of reconstruction in the Confederacy. It’s based on the book Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln’s Killer by James Swanson.

5 Palm Royale

Palm Beach high society in the 1960s

Palm Royale1

Apple TV

Palm Royale

Release date: March 20, 2024

A star-studded cast portray life among the high society women of Palm Beach County.

Palm Royale is set in the 1960s in Palm Beach. Kristen Wiig stars as Maxine Simmons, a new transplant to Palm Beach who wants to join the prestigious Palm Royale Country Club. Unfortunately, Allison Janney plays a woman determined to stop her. The comedy series looks like a fun romp through retro California with amazing period hairstyles.

6 Sugar

A sci-fi take on a neo-noir detective story

Sugar 1

Apple TV


Release date: April 5, 2024

Mark Protosevich

Colin Farrell, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Amy Ryan

Number of Episodes

Colin Farrell takes the lead as John Sugar, a private investigator delving into the disappearance of a Hollywood producer’s grandchild. The show boasts a stellar cast including Anna Gunn and James Cromwell, with Amy Ryan, Dennis Boutsikaris, Alex Hernandez, and Lindsay Pulsipher playing roles, too. Although the initial preview doesn’t reveal much, Sugar is teases science-fiction elements.

7 Franklin

Franklin goes to France


Apple TV


April 12, 2024

Michael Douglas stars in this miniseries about Benjamin Franklin’s time in France during the Revolutionary War.

Tim Van Patten

Tim Van Patten

Michael Douglas, Noah Jupe, Marc Duret

Number of Episodes

Michael Douglas stars as one of America’s founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin. The miniseries is based on the book — A Great Improvisation: Franklin, France, and the Birth of America — by Stacy Schiff. It follows Franklin’s time in France, where he attempts to secure an all-important alliance with the French, as the Revolutionary War rages against the British at home.

8 Dark Matter

A reality-bending thriller

Dark Matter

Apple TV

Dark Matter

Release date: May 8, 2024

This sci-fi mind bender sees Joel Edgerton transported to an alternate dimension.

Blake Crouch

Joel Edgerton, Jennifer Connelly, Alice Braga

Number of Episodes

Dark Matter sees Joel Edgerton star as a Chicago physicist who’s warped to an alternate version of his own reality. He has to find a way back, before an alternate version of himself that took his place harms his family. Jennifer Connelly also stars as his wife. It’s based on a novel of the same name by Blake Crouch, who’s also helping create the series.

9 Presumed Innocent

A courtroom drama with Jake Gyllenhaal

PResumed innocent

Apple TV

Presumed Innocent

Release date: May 18, 2024

A courtroom drama from the creator of L.A. Law and Boston Legal starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

David E. Kelley

Jake Gyllenhaal, Ruth Negga, Bill Camp

Number of Episodes

Presumed Innocent is a legal thriller starring Jake Gyllenhall as a prosecutor who’s accused of murdering one of his colleagues. Peter Sarsgaard will also star in the series. David E. Kelly, who created courtroom dramas like L.A. Law, Ally McBeal, and Boston Legal, created Presumed Innocent.

10 Land of Women

Eva Longoria stars as a woman on the run

land of women

Apple TV

Land of Women

Release date: Summer 2024

A socialite, played by Eva Longoria, is forced to flee to Spain after her husband abandons her.

Ramón Campos and Gema R. Neira

Eva Longoria, Carmen Maura, Victoria Mazua

Number of Episodes

Eva Longoria will star in this dramedy about a woman who is forced to flee to Spain after her husband falls into financial ruin and disappears. It’s based on the Spanish novel of the same name by Sandra Barneda.


Q: How much does Apple TV+ cost?

Apple TV+ is currently $9.99 per month. You can usually get a free three-month subscription when you purchase a new Apple product like an iPhone or MacBook as well.

Q: Do you need Apple TV+ to watch these new originals?

Yes. Apple TV+ is Apple’s streaming platform for all its Apple Originals, with fresh content introduced monthly.

Q: Are there any trailers for these newly-announced Apple TV+ originals?

Here is Apple’s full trailer for everything new coming to Apple TV in 2024:

Apple has also released full trailers for Palm Royale and The Complely Made-up Adventures of Dick Turpin. There’s also a trailer from a few weeks ago for Constellation. If you’d like to keep up to date on the latest Apple TV trailers, subscribe to Apple TV’s YouTube.

Q: Are any Apple TV+ originals returning?

Yes. Apple also announced release dates for new seasons of multiple returning shows. Here’s the complete list with premiere dates:

  1. The Reluctant Traveler With Eugene Levy season two – March 8, 2024(3/8)
  2. Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock season two – March 29, 2024 (3/29)
  3. Loot season two – April 2, 2024
  4. The Big Door Prize season two – April 29, 2024(4/29)
  5. Acapulco season three – May 1, 2024 (5/1)


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