Rick Ross’ beloved buffalo annoys the neighbors

Dr. Brewster M. Higley captured the essence of the spirit of the American frontier with a poem he wrote in the 1870s. “Oh! Give me a home where the bison roam,” the verse read, which was later set to music and became an unofficial anthem of the West.

Well, a woman from Fayetteville, Georgia feels differently. As TMZ reported on Sunday, an unnamed but resentful neighbor of the rapper and record executive Rick Ross is disturbed enough that she continues to find her huge, fuzzy beasts on her lawn, rummaging around garbage cans and near various motor vehicles. (The point of sale includes fun photos.)

The aggrieved neighbor says she is worried about the safety of her young children, as the animals (which are technically bison, not buffalo, but that’s it) can weigh a ton. (That’s no understatement; they can weigh 2,000 pounds.)

TMZ says when she tried to discuss it with Ross, she was intercepted by “a member of Rick’s team,” which ended in “a verbal argument.” There is also evidence that the animals “destroy his yard”.

The neighbor was turned away by the police (buffalo, you might say!) and said it was a civic dispute. She intends to file a complaint with city officials in Fayetteville, Georgia (but not before talking to TMZ, apparently.)

VF has contacted representatives for Ross for comment.

Ross’ mansion and estate, once owned by the boxer Evander Holyfieldalso features an indoor basketball court, indoor pool and bowling alley.

Here is: the video of a wandering buffalo!

The 47-year-old ‘Hustlin’ artist, who recently paid a fine for a labor violation at one of the many Wingstop franchises he owns in the South, was recently offered two buffaloes by her clothing line partner. He recorded several Instagram videos to celebrate their arrival. One of the prized creatures is named Timbuktu. “It’s important to me,” he said, listing the other animals on his estate (horses, bulls, dogs).

“I love you,” he said, looking Timbuktu in the eye. “It’s something I said to existence!” he later claimed. “All my life, I wanted a heifer, I had a heifer! »

“It’s those quality droppings,” he also said, pointing out their remains. You should probably watch these videos for yourself, they’re better than anything you’re about to stream on Netflix right now.

We sincerely hope that Ross and his neighbor can find an amicable solution to this problem. As we began by quoting a well-known phrase, we will end with another: “Good fences make good neighbors.”


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