EA and DICE veterans, including former Battlefield creative director, unite to create new next-gen shooter

EA and DICE veterans, including former Battlefield creative director, unite to create new next-gen shooter

Battlefield fans everywhere are getting some very good news, and it’s not from developer DICE. A new studio revealed itself to the world today, and it’s a serious talent in the franchise’s long history.

TTK Games is a Stockholm-based team led by 22-year DICE and Battlefield veteran Lars Gustavsson, who left the studio in September 2022 following a major restructuring and management change.

The good old days, huh?

Joining Studio CEO and Creative Director Lars Gustavsson are other heavyweights from Battlefield’s storied history. Having worked on DICE and DICE LA, their names should be familiar to anyone who has followed the Battlefield series over the years.

Senior Design Director Daniel Berlin served as Lead Global Designer and Design Director for games like Battlefield 4, Battlefield 1, and Battlefield 5. Berlin also worked on the ill-fated Battlefield 2042, having spent over a decade at DICE.

The CTO and CTO of TTK Games is Vidar Nygren, himself having an impressive history with the franchise, spanning from the original Bad Company all the way to Battlefield 5. As CTO of DICE, Nygren was among the creators of the Frostbite engine, which was used to create all Battlefield games from Bad Company.

Forstbite is famous for transforming the Battlefield franchise, having cemented destruction as a key pillar of its gameplay. EA would continue to use the same engine on a variety of other non-DICE titles, with varying degrees of success.

Art Director Peter Hoyles has a rich history with DICE, having helped define the look and aesthetics of several Battlefield games. Before leaving DICE LA, he was the studio’s artistic director. Hoyles worked at Skydance New Media before joining the TTK Games team.

It’s a new era for Lars Gustavsson.

TTK stands for Time to Kill, which is a term used to define the pace of combat in a shooter game. But it takes on a new, different, more interesting meaning tied to the philosophy of the studio.

“For us, the term ‘TTK’ isn’t just about the craftsmanship behind finding the perfect speed or immediacy of a game – it’s about how humans kill time while gaming. for thousands of years,” Gustavsson explained.

Today’s news offers no details on the project itself, or who is releasing it. The studio, however, said it had “secured significant funding” and retained creative freedom. TTK Games is hiring in a range of roles, and you can find out more about the studio on their official website.


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