Draymond Green responds to criticism from teammates after Game 5 loss

Draymond Green responds to criticism from teammates after Game 5 loss
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Many were confused and frustrated with the Golden State Warriors after their last loss to the Los Angeles Lakers on Monday night.

They were particularly upset in the final quarter of the game when the defending champions took a few bad shots and gave up the ball on several occasions.

Warriors icon Draymond Green supports his friends and defends their choices.

He also says the team’s loss rests on everyone’s shoulders, not just Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson’s.

β€œIt’s on all of us. I ride with them, take whatever photos they deem necessary,” Green said on his podcast, shared by The Volume.

The biggest complaints against the team after Monday night were that Curry gave up too many turnovers, Thompson’s three-point attempts were misguided, and Jordan Poole was no entity on the field.

But Green doesn’t listen to any of that.

Instead, he says he’ll always ride hard with this core and the only team he’s ever played for.

The Warriors are definitely in a bad spot right now, neither team wants to be in a 3-1 hole.

They literally have to win every game against the Lakers going forward or their season is over and they won’t be the defending champions anymore.

Coming back from 3-1 is incredibly difficult, but they are a proven team that have already beaten the odds.

Will they be able to overcome such a daunting disadvantage?

Only if they perform much better than they did in the fourth quarter on Monday.

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