Delta Air Lines scams promise ‘$500 for $1 gift card’ and ‘$100 reward’

Delta Air Lines scams promise ‘0 for  gift card’ and ‘0 reward’

Delta Air Lines is selling $500 gift cards for $1 each and also promoting “$100 reward” offers for completing a survey.


In May 2023, a reader emailed us about a scam appearing in Facebook and Instagram ads that claimed Delta Air Lines was running a promotion to give away $500 gift cards for $1 each. On the same day, we reviewed a second “Delta Airlines Online Shopper” scam in an email from an address ending in that promised a “$100 reward” or gift card, simply for having responded to a survey.

Needless to say, these were not legitimate gifts, nor were they offered by Delta Air Lines. Always remember with online offers that if they seem too good to be true, they probably are. Worse still, these are likely phishing scams that can lead to both privacy and financial loss for victims.

$500 for $1 gift card

First, Delta Air Lines did not offer $500 gift cards for $1 each. Even something as small as $5 gift cards for $1 each wouldn’t make much sense because it would put Delta or other airlines in the position of losing money to the crowds that would buy the cards.

Delta Air Lines or Airlines did not offer $500 gift cards for $1 or $100 in rewards for completing a short email survey as part of a promotion.
“Dreams” is the only place where you will find this offer.

The fraudulent advertisements read as follows:

Enhance your travel experience with Delta! We offer you an extraordinary opportunity to fuel your dreams of exploration. For just $1 you can get a $500 gift card – a limited time offer that’s too good to pass up. It’s time to see why Delta isn’t just an airline, it’s the Delta difference. Apply now and book your next Delta trip today!

Paid ads on Facebook and Instagram led to a fake survey on After completing the survey, the scam led users to where they were asked to fill in personal information and a credit card number.

“$100 reward” scam

As for the email scam that promised “rewards” or $100 Delta Air Lines gift cards for completing a survey, the messages often came from “ via “. Clicking on the link in the message led to a website oddly labeled “Hitech Research” on The page asked users to complete a survey and then choose a “free” offer from or other websites.

Delta Air Lines or Airlines did not offer $500 gift cards for $1 or $100 in rewards for completing a short email survey as part of a promotion.
It was not a legitimate offer from Delta Air Lines.

However, these “free” offers came with monthly subscription fees hidden in the terms and conditions. Nowhere on these pages did we find a box that customers had to check to indicate that they accepted fine print appearing on another page.

New websites

The domain name was last registered on May 15, just seven days before we investigated the “$500 for $1 gift cards” scam. Meanwhile,, the website associated with the Delta Air Lines $100 “reward” email scam, was last registered on April 5.

Newly registered domain names are often a big red flag associated with scams.

We advise all readers to do their due diligence before giving their credit card number to a website they have never heard of. Scammers often hide subscription fees in terms and conditions and deliberately do not mention these fees anywhere on product checkout pages.

Contact your credit card company immediately if you think you have given your credit card number to scammers.

Delta’s tips

Delta Air Lines hosts a page on scams they have seen over the years, including promotional gift card websites:

Over the years, Delta has received reports of attempts by parties unaffiliated with us to fraudulently collect customer information in a number of ways, including: fraudulent emails, social media sites, postcards, promotional gift card websites claiming to be from Delta Air Lines, and letters. or price notifications promising free trips. These messages were not sent by Delta Air Lines. We do not market our customers in this way, but individuals or groups intending to collect and use your personal data for their benefit can be inventive in their approach – often adding messages to generate a sense of urgency for you to act.

Scammers know that airline tickets can be quite expensive. By pushing fake offers for cheaper airfares, they attempt to rip off the masses with their fraudulent schemes. If readers encounter offers in the future that seem suspicious, we recommend contacting the airline directly to ask questions.

For more in the ‘too good to be true’ realm, we’ve already covered another scam that claimed Delta Air Lines was offering first class airline tickets and $10,000 cash.


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