Kelsea Ballerini Stops Her Own Gig to Ask About Taylor Swift’s Opening Night Set List

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Kelsea Ballerini proven that she is always and forever a Swiftie! The 29-year-old country star interrupted his own concert in Detroit to ask fans about Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour”, which took place live 2,000 miles from Glendale, Arizona! “I just have one question. I’ll stop after this but I just have one question,” she said in a video captured Friday, March 17 and shared on TikTok. “Did she… is ‘Cruel Summer’ on the setlist?” she then asked, referencing the viral hit of 2019 Lover.


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Kelsea was stunned as she wore a shiny gold dress on stage, also holding a very important instrument: her guitar. As fans cheered, seemingly giving her a “yes” to the track making the cut. “It was?!” the “Peter Pan” singer then responded by blowing a kiss in the air – much like many Swifties who were lucky enough to be in the Arizona arena on Friday night. “Wow, it’s my Super Bowl, I have to be honest…Okay. Wow. That’s all I needed to know. Thanks for that,” she said afterwards.

Kelsea Ballerini is seen on stage. (Mark Humphrey/AP/Shutterstock)

“Cruel Summer” was perhaps one of the most anticipated songs for a live performance, which would have originally been part of Taylor’s 2020 Valentine’s Day which was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Shortly after, the GRAMMY-winning singer released her surprise album Folkloresister project follow-up Always a few months later in December. More recently, she released a concept album Midnightswhich spawned hits like “Lavender Haze”, “Vigilante S—” and “Karma”.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift sings ‘Lover’ songs on her ‘Eras ​​Tour’. (Ashley Landis/AP/Shutterstock)

Taylor played for three hours and 12 minutes as she took fans through the various “eras” of her career, including a surprisingly long list of 44 songs from albums. Speak Now, Red, 1989, and more. The costume changes were also impressive, as Taylor paid homage to some of her most iconic performances and music videos over the years, including a shimmering gold dress for “Love Story,” the top hat, and shirts. black for “22” (with a t-shirt that read “not much going on right now”), a Speak Now vintage fringed dress and more.

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