Director Nancy Meyers Channels Ernst Lubitsch, Confirms ‘Paris Paramount’ Movie Title Origin

Nancy Meyers is still looking for a new home for her film after parting ways with Netflix for budget reasons. But in the meantime, the director of romantic comedy classics like 2006 Holidays And something must give dropped a few clues on Instagram, revealing details about his movie, confirming the title and sharing his origin.

Deadline reported that Scarlett Johansson, Owen Wilson, Penelope Cruz and Michael Fassbender were in talks to star, but Netflix’s proposed budget — which sources said was around $130 million — was causing trouble. Sources say that if the studio agreed to $130 million, Meyers was fighting for $150 million, including $80 million for over-the-line costs.

The film is titled Paramount Pariswhich we were the first to tell you about in April 2022. It tells the story of an above-the-line filmmaking duo who reunite (reluctantly) on set after falling in love with one of the other.

Meyers confirmed the project’s title and teased its script via an Instagram on Saturday.

“There has been a lot of writing about my new film,” Meyers wrote. “Here’s one thing I can easily clear up – and that’s the title – ParamountParis. It’s taken from a quote from the brilliant and elegant comedy director (dare I say romantic comedy creator) Ernst Lubitsch. The movie is about a group of people making a movie and the magic and mystery of what we do. As always, Lubitsch said it best.

Meyers also shared a quote from the German director, which read, “I’ve been to Paris, France, and I’ve been to Paris, Paramount, and frankly, I prefer Paris, Paramount.”

Supporting comments were raised by Ina Garten, Gary Janetti and Danny Pellegrino, with Pellegrino noting, “We’ll be looking wherever this ends up!”


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