Can you schedule a text message on iPhone?

Can you schedule a text message on iPhone?

While it’s gotten a lot easier to take control of a whole bunch of customization features on the iPhone in recent years, there are still some things that are a bit tricky.

For example, take scheduling a message. If you’re looking to do that using Apple’s native Messages app, things aren’t as simple as you might hope – we’ve got the answers you need, right here.

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How to Schedule a Text Message on iPhone

Now, before we get into a complicated method, it’s worth saying that, at a basic level, there’s no easy way to do this – Apple doesn’t let you schedule messages natively.


However, when it added the Shortcuts app a few years ago, Apple allowed all sorts of automations to be set up to bypass this kind of missing functionality, and these are the Shortcuts that will allow you to schedule a message, following the steps below.

  1. Open the Shortcuts app (download it from the App Store if it’s missing)
  2. Press on Automating at the bottom of your screen
  3. To hit Create personal automations or the “+” sign
  4. Select Time of the day from the list then choose the time to send the message
  5. Select Monthly below Repeatthen choose the day of the month of the message to send
  6. Press Next, then Add action
  7. From the list, select the apps section at the top, then scroll down to posts and press it
  8. Press on Send the message
  9. In the automation, press “Message” then type the desired message
  10. Then press Recipients and find the contacts you want to send it to
  11. Faucet Followingthen check the details and choose if you want the automation to ask before it runs (disabling it will make it automatic)
  12. Faucet Do

If you follow the steps above, your message will be sent at your desired time and date, although there is one crucial detail – it will be a monthly automation that will work if you let it.

So if this is a one-time deal for you, remember to go back to the Shortcuts app and delete the automation once your message has been sent, to make sure it doesn’t get bounced back in a month.

This may mean setting a callback, for another layer of administration, but it will be worth it to save you the embarrassment of double text, shall we say.


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