Boys Updates, 28 Years Later and More

Dwayne Johnson is back in the booth for live-action Moana redo. Dafne Keen Teases Her Aesthetic Acolyte Jedi Padawan, Jecki Lon. Besides, what’s going on My Adventures with Superman. For me, my spoilers!

Captain Planet

Glen Powell revealed he still hopes Paramount will move forward with his project Captain Planet film during a recent interview with Collider.

God, I really hope so. Believe me, we have been working hard on this for a long time. I’m optimistic about its future, but you never know the timeline.

28 years later

According to new reports from BBCproduction officially began on 28 years later in the northeast corner of England, along the Northumberland coast.


Dwayne Johnson revealed behind-the-scenes footage of himself re-recording ‘You’re Welcome’ for live-action Moana redo.

The boys

During a recent interview with Rant screenEric Kripke revealed he had no idea what to expect The boyThe “raw lava-esque” fifth season of S.

Even I don’t. I mean, we’ve actually been in the writers’ room for about a month now, so we have some pretty interesting ideas. It’s a very raw, lava type affair right now. It hasn’t hardened, but I’m excited. I think we talked about some crazy shit, that’s for sure.


Talk with TV lineRobert King confirmed that “it never crossed his mind” that raising the Antichrist would be hard work.

It never crossed his mind. He was so focused on what it would mean to bring about good in the world that he kind of missed out on, you know, the 2 a.m. feedings and everything else.

Leland has an apartment focused on minimalism, as most mean people do, and he’s going to be surprised at how much shit and vomit there can be in a single space. I think men don’t often think about things like changing tables and Diaper Genies. Just a guess.

He’s an older man whose life is probably set up exactly the way he wants it, and he’s like, “Uh oh.”

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight

According to BBC, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight will film in Belfast, Ireland.

Star Wars: The Sidekick

In a new interview with EmpireDafne Keen described it Star Wars: The Sidekick character, Jecki Lon, as “Jedi David Bowie”.

As soon as we did our makeup, I went to [showrunner Leslye Headland] and I was like, “This is David Bowie. » And she said to me, “You’re absolutely right.” We had the running joke that it was like the Jedi David Bowie. Jedi Bowie, like, duh! It’s almost funky, 70s and 80s vibes, which is really cool. I was so excited about the braid – as a Star Wars fan, having a Padawan braid is the craziest thing ever. I was so excited when they put it on. “Oh my God, I have my own Padawan braid!” It was very cool.

Doctor Who

According to Russell T. Davies on Instagramproduction on Disney’s second season has officially ended Doctor Who.

Reginald the Vampire

TV Spoilers has photos from “Watch the Sunrise,” this week’s episode of Reginald the vampire. Click to see the rest.

Image from article titled Boys Updates, 28 Years Later and Counting

Photo: Syfy

Image from article titled Boys Updates, 28 Years Later and Counting

Photo: Syfy

My Adventures with Superman

Finally, Adult Swim has released a clip from the June 1 return episode of My Adventures with Superman.

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