Body Restore shower steamers are for sale on Amazon

Body Restore shower steamers are for sale on Amazon

Every mother could take a little better care of herself, but how many of them put their own needs before those of others? This Mother’s Day, give her some TLC she can add to her daily shower. Body Restore Shower Sprays turn a regular hygiene task into a ritual of bliss filled with tranquility. These shower melters instantly transform the bathroom into a luxury spa, and a pack of 15 is just $30 (was $40) right now. At this price, why not buy some for yourself too?

body restoration

Made with baking soda and essential oils, these little pucks create soothing steam in the shower for a spa-like experience.

$30 on Amazon

What is a Shower Spray?

Shower sprays are like bath bombs but for the shower. Each disc is made from baking soda and essential oils, which are concentrated plant extracts. Hold one under running water or place it on the shower floor, then watch it dissolve to release a delicate, relaxing scent.

These shower melters are perfect for anyone who wants a soothing spa experience without having to take a long, drawn out bath. There is no need to fill a jar or wait a long time for it to dissolve. Even better: it leaves no mess. Each steamer lasts between 10 and 30 minutes, long enough for a shower.

With over 8,000 five-star reviews, many Amazon shoppers have already turned their bathrooms into spas.

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Fancy a little aromatherapy with your dishes? Of course you would! (Photo: Getty Images/iStock)

“These make nighttime showers a dream,” wrote one appeased shopper. “I walk out feeling so relaxed. The scent is very strong; just make sure the water hits it, but not overwhelmed. I’ve purchased three different scent packs and I’m obsessed with each one. I shares a bathroom with three guys, and if I can be transported to a luxury spa just by closing my eyes and taking a deep breath, so can you.”

“I can’t live without it,” said another relaxed reviewer. “I actually can’t wait to shower because it’s so much nicer, and my husband loves it too. We’re now fighting over who gets to shower first!”

“I was having trouble sleeping soundly,” the calm client shared. “It really helps me fall asleep and stay asleep at night. Would definitely buy again.”

Another shower steamer shopper reported (say that three times faster): “Love it. Better than bath bombs. Turns a shower into an experience.”

body restoration

Put one on the shower floor, then savor the pleasure.

$30 on Amazon

If you have Amazon Prime, you will of course get free shipping. Not a member yet? No problem. You can sign up for your 30-day free trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

The reviews quoted above reflect the most current versions at the time of publication.

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